• Why You Can’t Store Sleep

    The negative affects of sleep deprivation reach far and wide, so stop trying to cram in extra sleep on the weekends—it’s not going to work!

    But you could store a cot at your local storage facility no matter where you live…Los Angeles, Sacramento, Phoenix, or Fresno.  Check out SSF for your everyday deals and promotions.



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  • Savvy Food Storage: Save Food, Money, and the Environment

    Ever thought about where you should store what in your fridge? Leftovers here, cheese there, and what’s the deal with those humidity drawers? Organizing your food storage space so your fruits and veggies are stored in the proper place will help cut grocery costs and save the environment.

    Then again, if you are just looking to store your all gym equipment, baby clothes or deer heads, then look to further to your local storage facility on selfstoragefinders.com.  We’ve got storage promotions from Los Angeles to Miami and credit cards aren’t required to reserve a unit.

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  • How Does The Brain Store & Process Memories?

    Every sight, smell, sound, touch, and specific memory is stored in the recesses of your mind—but what parts of your brain store specific types of sensory data? Read on to learn more about where your brain stores these memories and which parts of your brain control specific functions.

    We’re not just neurologists here at SSF.  If you are also interested in renting a self storage unit in any city across the country, including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Miami, PhoenixOklahoma City, Nutley or Fresno – be sure to check us out for discounts and promotions.  Each facility may has the opportunity to offer deals and we recognize the AAA Discounts for Storage.


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  • Millennial Tech Must-Haves

    Red-eye jet setters, metropolitan commuters, and all-around multitasking millennials need the perfect place to stash their stuff on-the-go. This infographic includes recommendations for the millennial travel aficionado, the tech employee, and the active athlete. Which matches your millennial lifestyle?

    Anything bigger than the items highlighted needs to be put in a storage unit.  So while you are trotting the globe, whether you are walking the red carpet in L.A., drinking a daiquiri in Miami, or going to school in Houston, you need to check out SSF for the latest promotions and deals.

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  • The Real Cost of the War on Drugs

    14 September 2016 by

    The War on Drugs sounds like we’re fighting for the good guys to join together and take down the bad guys, right? What if we told you that The War on Drugs was actually based on propaganda to make money? Read on for more.

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  • Pokémon Storage: How to Fit Them All

    Pokémon Go has become the most successful mobile app in history in only 2 weeks! If you’re just starting out or are already a seasoned Pokémon trainer, you’ll need to be mindful of the storage of your Pokémon and items.  Check out this handy infographic on Pokémon storage for more.

    If you do not likePokémon Go and are looking for a storage facility to cram your siblings into while they play this game you should know that we have specials on storage units available in Los Angeles, Murphy TXSalt Lake City, San Antonio, Fayettville, Elizabeth NJ, Manahawkin NJBaton Rouge, Phoenix, and Austin TX.  (We kid 😉


    NS-Pokemon (1)

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  • Size Matters: How Big is Brooklyn?

    how big is Brooklyn, New York? picture

    We recently shared with you tips on finding a job in the Brooklyn, NY area. Today we want to add a bit more information if you’re thinking about relocating there.  (more…)

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  • Interesting Facts About New York

    new york city

    New York City is one of the most famous cities in the world, thanks to the film industry, the Statue of Liberty, and Broadway—not to mention 4 a.m. bars, the birth of hip-hop, and a 24/7 subway system.

    But everyone knows all that. What you probably don’t know are these interesting facts about New York:  (more…)

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  • How Big Is New York?

    how big is new york

    For a city whose moniker is The Big Apple, you’d expect everything about it to be larger than average—including the fruit. Well, you’re right (except the part about the produce). New York City (which is made up of 5 boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island) has a big history, a big attitude, and a big heart. But never mind those things; in terms of things that can be measured, here’s how big New York is: (more…)

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  • Tips for Finding a Job in Brooklyn, New York

    finding a job in Brooklyn

    If you’re moving to Brooklyn, New York, finding a job may be something of concern. To help you get some ideas on how find a job in the city, we chatted with Seth Kaufman, Associate at Herald Strategies LLC, who’s hometown is Brooklyn.  (more…)

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