Everything You Need To Know About Car And Vehicle Storage

vehicle storage
Whether you’re putting a vintage car away for the summer or need to store your everyday car during a military deployment, storing a vehicle is stressful. If it’s your first time getting vehicle storage, it’s even scarier.

Indoor, Outdoor, Or Covered?

You have three general options when it comes to vehicle storage- indoor, outdoor, or covered.

Outdoor storage is the simplest and the cheapest choice. It’s just a parking space in an enclosed and locked lot. Your car is kept safe from theft and vandalism, but it’s open to the elements.

Indoor storage is the most expensive option, but it’s also the safest. You’ll get a drive up unit that’s essentially a small garage. If you’re storing a high-priced vintage car, this is probably the way to go.

Covered storage is something in between the others. You get a covered parking space to keep the worst of the rain and snow off your vehicle. If you don’t want to swing the price for indoor storage or are storing an RV/boat, this might be for you.

No matter what kind of storage you pick, make sure the facility has 24-hour video surveillance and a good security record. The facility will also need to see current vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

How To Get Your Car Ready

Doing a few simple things will help prevent damage to your car while it’s in storage. First, fill up your gas tank and change your oil. This will prevent damage to your fuel tank and engine. Just make sure to drain and replace them before you start it up- both gasoline and natural motor oil degrade after a few months.

You also want to thoroughly clean the inside of your car and plug your exhaust pipe. This will help prevent any furry critters from finding a home in your car.

Finally, make sure to park your car on a tarp. This will catch any fluid drips and leaks and prevent them from seeping into the ground. A cover on top of the car will protect the car’s finish from cold and moisture.

Find Vehicle Storage Near You!

Vehicle storage isn’t all about cars. You can store RVs, trailers, motorcycles, ATVs, and boats, too!

Not every storage facility offers vehicle storage, so take a look at our website to find excellent vehicle storage facilities near you! It’s easier and cheaper than you think!

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