Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

When you’re looking for a storage unit, you may come across terms like “climate-controlled,” “air-conditioned storage,” “or “AC units.

All of these terms refer to storage units that have their temperature and humidity controlled. But do you need this kind of storage or is it an unnecessary frill?

What Is Climate-Controlled Storage?

Traditional storage units provide protection from rainstorms, wind, and direct sunlight, but that’s about it. A unit in the Midwest will endure large temperature swings and a unit in Florida will get incredibly humid.

Climate-controlled units are heated, air-conditioned, and use humidifiers to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity regardless of the conditions outside. It’s not that different to keeping your own home warm and cool.

Different companies have different temperature and humidity guidelines. But in general, units don’t get below 50F or above 85F. Humidity is typically kept to around 50% or 55% You should be able to find a specific answer on a company’s website or by giving them a call.

Who Needs Climate-Controlled Storage?

High temperatures can dry out leather, fade paintings, and damage electronics. Cold temperatures can crack wood. And humidity can destroy electronics and cause the growth of mold and mildew everywhere.

If you’re storing anything with significant financial or sentimental value for longer than a few weeks, you want to look into climate-controlled storage.

This includes:

  • Pricey furniture and electronics
  • Musical instruments
  • Important documents and family heirlooms
  • Art work
  • Antiques

If you’re looking at your things being in storage for an extended period of 3+ months, you can add things like household appliances, clothes, and books to that list. If it’s susceptible to mold or mildew, you shouldn’t leave it long term in a non-climate controlled unit.

How Much Does Climate-Controlled Storage Cost?

There’s typically  a 25-50% premium on climate-controlled storage, though the exact costs can vary from region to region and season to season. If you’re paying $100 for a storage unit, that means a climate-controlled unit of the same size will cost $125-$150.

Climate-controlled storage probably isn’t worth it for you if you’re a college student moving from the dorms into your first apartment. Or if you need storage for a few weeks while you wait to close on a new home.

But if you have valuable items or need storage for over 3 months, the extra cost of climate control is far cheaper than buying replacements. And, of course, sentimental items can never be replaced.

Where Can I Find Climate-Controlled Storage?

Most major self-storage companies have climate-controlled options. Take a look on our website to find climate-controlled storage in your area.

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