• Insurance for Storage Units: What You Need to Know

    25 November 2015 by
    insurance for storage units

    When you get ready to rent a storage unit, there are many things to consider. One of those things is getting insurance for your valuables so they’re covered when they’re in that storage unit.

    Adam Johnson works at QuoteWizard and he suggests you do some research before deciding on the type of coverage to get for your storage unit.


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  • Charlotte vs Raleigh – Best City To Live In

    24 November 2015 by
    charlotte vs raleigh

    When it comes to North Carolina’s two largest cities, sibling rivalry is only natural. Those from Charlotte think that Raleigh is the pesky younger brother while those from Raleigh see Charlotte as the know-it-all older sib. So who’s right? Well, healthy parents would probably say that they loved both kids equally. But I’m not healthy parents. So I’m going to compare and contrast these two cities—right before I make a run for it when all the residents of these two cities come after me with sticks and stones.

    So here is my assessment of Charlotte vs Raleigh: (more…)

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  • Things to Consider When Moving to Houston

    23 November 2015 by
    moving to Houston

    When you’re contemplating a relocation, there are a lot of things to consider. Planning is key –if and when at all possible because it’ll help you feel more at ease when chaos breaks out. Houston is one of the nations fastest growing cities with a lot to offer but choosing a place to live in Houston can prove tricky since there are a lot of options.

    Michael Freedman, CTO/Co-Founder of DialMyCalls.com says that depending on what you want to be near, you can find something to fit your lifestyle quite easily. (more…)

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  • Sports Card Storage 101

    21 November 2015 by

    sports card storage

    If you’re like me, you’ve never wondered how to properly store sports cards. Any cards in my possession always wound up tucked into my bicycle wheel spokes until they fell out somewhere along the way, lost and forgotten forever.

    On the other hand, if you are actually a sports card aficionado, then you probably already know what good sports card storage entails. So this article is basically for the three people who have accidentally amassed a sports card collection from all those packs of Topps Chewing Gum and don’t know what to do with them. (more…)

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  • Choosing to Install Recessed Shelves

    20 November 2015 by
    recessed shelves

    Looking for shelves can be an easy task if you know what type you need. In this post, we’re talking about some benefits to the well-known recessed shelves.

    Artist and Designer, Pablo Solomon says he personally loves recessed shelves and shares some of the benefits when getting them. (more…)

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  • How Big Is Houston Texas?

    19 November 2015 by
    how big is houston texas

    We’ve all played “my [fill in the blank] is bigger than yours” to appease our egos and win whatever childish pasttime is at stake. Maybe it’s for a trivia game, maybe you’re a closet gambler, maybe you’ll somehow save the world from impeding destruction, but if you need to know all sorts of interesting but little-known facts about Houston, then this blog post is for you.

    So, just how big is Houston Texas, you ask? (more…)

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  • Tips on Moving to Tucson

    18 November 2015 by
    moving to Tucson

    If you’re thinking about moving to Tucson, AZ you may want to do some research in advance. We wanted to get the opinion of a recent Massachusetts transplant who could help provide some tips based on her experience. (more…)

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  • Living in Baton Rouge – 10 Cool Things You Need To Know

    17 November 2015 by
    living in baton rouge

    Baton Rouge is not just the capital of Louisiana and the second-largest city in the state (population of 228,895); it’s the town that became the capital after New Orleans was deemed “too sinful” in 1846. Boy, it’s a good thing state legislature doesn’t have a say in my life. (more…)

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  • Fun Ideas for DIY Storage Boxes

    16 November 2015 by
    DIY storage boxes

    With the evolution of shopping– what I like to call the “online shopping no-hassle” trend, you’re bound to get more boxes inside your home. Now, I’m all for recycling, of course, but some boxes just give me the feeling they have another purpose in life. I’ve often kept a few myself with the idea of reusing them for storing other things.

    So we have got some creative ways to make “DIY storage boxes” from those you already have in your garage (or possibly your living room) and any others you may find. (more…)

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  • Haff Ton Pawn Shop: Fact or Fiction?

    haff ton pawn shop

    If you haven’t watched television in the last five years, congratulations! Your brain cells are probably still intact. Also, if you haven’t watched a lot of TV then you might not have heard of Haff Ton Pawn Shop. But even for those who have, the question remains: is the Haff Ton Pawn Shop fact or fiction? (more…)

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