Last Week in Self Storage

New Units Popping Up Everywhere
Want to know just how white-hot the self-storage market is? Look at all the new facilities going up across the country.
A total of 900 new self-storage centers are projected to be completed in 2017—that’s a 50% increase from the number of new units that opened last year, according to commercial real estate firm CBRE.
The top market for new facilities is Dallas, where 49 centers will be opened this year. Other top markets include Miami, New York, Houston and Atlanta.
There’s no need to worry about supply exceeding demand, according to commercial real estate experts.
“While some investors are concerned about the level of new construction, overall supply and demand metrics remain roughly in line,” said Christian Sonne, a valuation expert at CBRE.
What this all means for you is simple—if your abode is not currently located conveniently near a self-storage facility, chances are that’s likely to change soon.

Lock ‘Em Up
Locks for your storage cubicle come in all shapes and sizes. So, what’s the best one to use for your own storage unit? After all, you want to sleep at night knowing your stuff is safe and sound.
Most storage industry experts recommend the disc lock as the top choice. What makes them so great? It’s not possible to cut through it with bolt cutters, for starters. That’s because of the “U” shaped part of the lock.
Next, it’s resistant to being smashed with a hammer. A mighty hammer blow is not going to break this type of lock.
The lock itself is also very difficult to pick, due to that “U” shape.
The only way to get a disc lock off is by grinding down the bolt. And that takes special equipment, as well as a lot of time. In other words, not something your average thief is going to be willing to do.
Grab a couple of disc locks when you go to load stuff into your new self-storage unit!

Going Green
Some new storage facilities are getting with the times when it comes to adopting modern design and environmental features.
A new facility planned for Bethesda, Md., has a sleek modern architectural design—you will probably look twice before you realize it’s a storage facility. It will also have a green roof and planter boxes.
Who says self-storage centers have to be basic and boring?