We know how it goes because we've been there. Finals are coming to a close, friends are leaving for Summer break and people are beginning to pack up so they can go home or abroad for the Summer. What do you do with all of your stuff you have in your dorm or apartment? Do you pack it all up again and lug it home only to bring it all back in a couple of months?

Maybe you have a different problem entirely. Your room is too small for the amount of stuff you have in it. Between you and your roommate you have 2 toasters, 3 couches, countless dishes and too many clothes to even fit in your closet and dresser.  A great option for either scenario is a self storage facility. Lucky for you, you found our website and can now easily find a storage facility near campus.

A few tips for college students looking for self storage:

  • How to Find a Storage Facility – By using SelfStorageFinders.com easy Zip Code and City Search you can easily find a storage facility near campus. As college students, you are most likely looking for the cheapest unit available as well. You can easily sort through storage facilities by price, amenity or distance from your school.
  • What Size do You Need? – Our convenient storage sizes calculator should give you a good estimate on the size unit you will need. For most, a 5x5 storage unit should fit anything you have to store. A 5x5 unit is about the size of a small closet and can fit a couple of boxes. If you have anything more to store such as a mattress, couch or chairs, you will probably need a 5x10 unit.
  • What Amenities do You Need? – Storage facilities are great in that they all have different amenities they provide. Some have 24 hour access, drive up access, climate controlled storage if you are storing electronics or pictures, gated access and 24 hour surveillance.
  • Buy a Lock. – One of the most important things you can do is to purchase a lock prior to arriving at the self storage facility. A good lock, which can cost about $15-$20, will keep your possessions safe and secure in the storage unit. Don't skimp on the lock simply because you are trying to save a few bucks for beer. If your stuff is important enough to keep in storage, its important you keep it protected.
  • Does the Facility Have Discounts? – One of the most important considerations, if not the most important, is going to be cost of the storage unit. Storage managers understand the budget in which college students operate and are willing to give discounts in most situations. If they are not offering a discount at the time, simply ask and they may give you one anyway.
  • No Worries…It's Month to Month – Storage contracts are typically month to month so if you end up moving and having more room in your residence, you can simply go to the storage facility and get your belongings. If for whatever reason you do not like the storage facility you are at, you can simply leave at the end of the month and try a new one. What a great feature!

These tips on how to find storage near college campuses should give you a head start next Summer. We have other great tips on our website as well so be sure to check those out. Need packing advice, moving tips or don't understand what climate controlled self storage is? Check out our other pages and visit our blog!

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