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Storage Size Estimator

Storage Unit Equivalent Space Your selected space will hold
5' x 5'
5x5 Unit Image
Small Closet Small closet or small bedroom
Chest of drawers, office supplies, small pieces of furniture, clothing
Small number of file boxes
5' x 10'
5x10 Unit Image
Large Closet Walk-in closet
Couch, chair, chest of drawers
Small business inventory
Seasonal yard equipment
5' x 15'
5x15 Unit Image
Very Small Room Hallway
Furniture and boxes
Ladders, small lawn tractor
10' x 10'
10x10 Unit Image
Small Room Small bedroom
Half the size of one car garage
Furniture and boxes from a one bedroom apartment or home with refrigerator or washer and dryer
10' x 20'
10x20 Unit Image
Average Garage One car garage
Furniture and boxes from a two bedroom apartment or home with appliances
Car or truck and additional small items
10' x 30'
10x30 Unit Image
Very Large Room Furniture and boxes from a 3-4 bedroom apartment or home with appliances, patio furniture, bikes, seasonal items
Now that you've found your self storage facility by searching you are almost ready to store your stuff! But what size storage unit do you need? Good thing for you we have provided examples of storage sizes and how much of your stuff each size will hold. These are only examples and are averages of how much each storage unit will hold. Be sure to visit the storage facility you choose in order to inspect the storage unit yourself and meet the friendly staff at the self storage facility. Be sure you are completely comfortable leaving your belongings at the storage facility. Check the description, amenities and hours of each storage facility on our site and make sure the hours and security are up to your standards. Some other important factors are:
  • Security measures for the self storage facility
  • Access to your storage unit
  • Well kept and clean self storage units