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There is high demand for renting self storage units in Round Rock, TX. Reserve your unit today.
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There is high demand for renting self storage units in Round Rock, TX. Reserve your unit today.
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Finding Self Storage in Round Rock, TX: Everything You Need To Know

Round Rock, Texas, located about 20 miles north of Austin, was actually named after a round rock. Back in the mid 1800s, a large round rock in the middle of Brushy Creek helped travellers determine the lowest part of the water for safe crossing. The town was initially called Brushy, but a wise post master suggested Round Rock instead.

With a population of 109,821, a humid subtropical climate (hot summer, cool winter), and a thriving tech industry, Round Rock is a lovely place to live. Not only is Dell’s headquarters here, as are offices of IBM and Samsung, but this town lays claim to being just one of eight TechShops in the country. TechShop is a community-based workshop with cutting-edge equipment that people are free to come in and use in order to bring their genius idea to life—like that Swiss Army Tie.

If you’re a self-diagnosed genius who is still living in your mom’s basement, you’d best rent a unit at a self storage facility to store all your inventions as you wait for your patent applications to be processed.

While you’re waiting for that patent, you can always burn off some of your energy by hitting Highway 130 which boasts the highest speed limit (85 mph) in the country. And if you’re on the 130 already, keep heading north until you reach the Inner Space cavern in nearby Georgetown. This underground cave that spans 7,000 feet was accidentally discovered in 1963 when a crew was drilling, and is now open for tours.

After all that speeding and spelunking, head over to Round Rock Donuts for a tasty treat. Though there are five other donut shops nearby, this one has gotten a “Top 5 Donut Dreams” rating from the Food Network. You can also take a trip to IKEA, just one of 42 in the country, and purchase a new kitchen in which all cupboards and drawers are donut-friendly.

And while you’re at IKEA, you may as well buy some stackable boxes to organize the stuff in your self storage unit. You’ve got to put all your useless prototypes of already-invented inventions—like that banana slipcase or butter grater—somewhere!

It’s important to be familiar with the surrounding area around a storage facility and the additional services available to assist you either moving into or out of a self storage unit.
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