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Everything You Need to Know About Finding Self Storage in Oakland, OR

If you're searching for self storage in Oakland, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The pricing and availability of storage units in Oakland will depend on several factors such as the real estate climate, the number of people moving into or throughout the area, housing conditions in the city, and the general wealth and prosperity of the area. Using US Census data, we've pieced together a better picture of those factors as they relate to self storage in Oakland.

Oakland, OR Moving and Storage

If there are many people moving to or from Oakland, prices could be higher than in other cities. That's because self storage if often used as part of a home move. We can get a good idea of whether or not many people are moving to or from Oakland by looking at the change in population. The US Census tells us that the metro area population of Oakland declined from 927 in 2010 to 920 in 2014, a loss of -0.76%.

Real Estate and Self Storage in Oakland, OR

Housing occupancy and vacancy rates in Oakland can help us get a better idea of how much demand there is for living and storage space in Oakland and thus the kind of storage prices and availability we should expect to find. If there's low vacancy rates in Oakland housing, there's likely low vacancy at Oakland storage facilities. This would allow storage facilities in Oakland to charge higher prices for their units. According to US Census estimates, 92.2% of housing units in Oakland are occupied, while the vacancy rate is at 7.8%. The average occupancy rate in US cities is 89%, so it's likely the case that storage facilities in Oakland also have higher than average occupancy rates. High occupancy rates in Oakland will make it more difficult to find a good deal on a storage unit.