Many Americans can't fully comprehend the sacrifice of serving in the Armed Forces, especially those of us who sit behind a desk each day. Serving our country is a tremendous responsibility and for those of you who are brave enough to serve, we commend and appreciate all you do to protect our freedoms and liberties. Many people in the Armed Forces are forced to move at a moment's notice and do not have time nor want to spend their time looking for a place to store their belongings.

Due to the fact most Military Personnel will not be able to access their belongings for months, possibly even years at a time, the plethora of security and convenience storage facilities offer will provide peace of mind while you are deployed. Simply due to the fact you are displaced from your current living space does not mean you have to lose all of your possessions. Self storage is a great option for Military Personnel for this reason. Storage facilities make it easy to store all of your possessions safely, securely and affordably until you are done with your tour.

There are hundreds of self storage facilities within 10 miles of most of our Nation's Navy yards and Armed Force Bases making it convenient to store your possessions. Many of these storage facilities will even offer discounts to Military Personnel and their families while they serve. Be sure to provide the proper documentation and ask the storage manager if you have any questions or concerns. Another helpful tip is to ask about insurance for any of your items in storage if the manager doesn't mention it.

We hope these Military storage tips are helpful to you and your families. We proudly support all of our troops and are thankful for everything you do to keep us safe and free!

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