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There is high demand for renting self storage units in Daly City, CA. Reserve your unit today.
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There is high demand for renting self storage units in Daly City, CA. Reserve your unit today.
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Everything You Need to Know About Finding Self Storage in Daly City, CA

Located in San Mateo County in the Bay Area, Daly City, California is a town that offers many of the benefits of San Francisco in a smaller and slightly cheaper package. Residents love that the city is transit-friendly; it’s easy to get to work, run errands, and meet friends without driving. There’s also great schools, plenty of parks, and plenty of shopping options. There’s also a large Filipino-American population. In fact, Daly City is sometimes referred to as the “Pinoy Capital.”

While Daly City is more affordable compared to other cities in the Bay Area, housing prices are still higher than the national average. The average rent on a one-bedroom apartment is $2,545, up 11% from 2021. The median home price is $1.1 million, up 5% over 2021. Moving to Daly City, especially from out of state, may involve some downsizing.

Thankfully, there are plenty of self-storage facilities in Daly City that can help make your move easier and cheaper. There are facilities all over town, so it’s a breeze to find a place that’s close to home. And even if you need a larger unit or a longer lease, self-storage is more affordable than you might think. If you’re thinking of moving to Daly City, be sure to keep self-storage in your plans.

It’s important to be familiar with the surrounding area around a storage facility and the additional services available to assist you either moving into or out of a self storage unit.
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