Climate Controlled Storage Self storage facilities offer many amenities to protect your belongings, such as climate controlled self storage units. Typically most storage facility offer protection against the elements such as wind and rain; however standard self storage units may not be enough to protect your belongings in areas that experience extreme temperatures and humidity.

Types of climate controlled storage vary depending on the individual facility and the needs of their customers. Usually the use of a climate controlled self storage unit is an added cost due to the use of air conditioning and heating to protect your belongings. Regions of the country that experience temperatures in the upper 90's and high levels of humidity use air conditioning to protect items from rotting and molding. Controlled climate storage uses heat in areas in the country that experience temperatures below freezing to prevent cracking or warping of items.

Climate controlled self storage is perfect for storing a wide variety of belongings including musical equipment, mattresses, oil paintings, retail inventory items, fine linens and clothing, and fine furniture. High levels of humidity can cause items made of fabric to mold of mildew, wood items to rot and metal to rust. Electronics such as televisions and computers can collect moisture inside, damaging them beyond repair. Perishable items such as food can spoil when stored in the improper climate. If you are unsure of whether or not the items you are placing in to storage should be placed into climate controlled storage check with the facilities manager. The benefits of utilizing climate controlled storage will far outweigh any additional costs charged by the facility. Here are a few items that should be stored in climate controlled self storage:
  • Electronics such as televisions, computers and stereos
  • Clothing
  • Paintings
  • Photographs and film
  • Documents and records
  • Furniture
  • Antiques or heirlooms
  • Instruments
  • Wine
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