SelfStorageFinders needs somewhere to place our millions of customers who are looking for storage - can your facility help?

Our leading storage marketplace is part of the massive SpareFoot network, which currently sends new and incremental tenants to 6,500+ facilities.

SelfStorageFinders and SpareFoot level the playing field to win you more visibility online. We do this by promoting your available units on 60+ partner websites like,, and other big brands that cater to people who are moving.

The best part is how you only pay when a customer we send you actually moves in. The profits from this self-storage advertising are all yours.

Get started in minutes - we at SelfStorageFinders can tell you firsthand that SpareFoot makes everything easy to setup and manage. We love working with them!

SelfStorageFinders self-storage advertising listings are powered by SpareFoot. To learn more about filling your vacant units with us, submit this form and our friends at SpareFoot will get back to you:

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Testimonials from Current Members

"In less than one year, SpareFoot increased the occupancy of a single property by 22%. They sent that property 59 tenants in just one month!"
Debi Lerma - VP of Operations, Optivest Properties

"Signing up for SpareFoot is a no-brainer. They get me rentals I wouldn’t have had otherwise and it costs me nothing unless a customer actually moves in. SpareFoot is a clear win without any downside risk."
Kenny Pratt - President, Crescendo Properties

"The number of tenants we get from SpareFoot just keeps growing! They are true innovators in the storage industry and are always looking for new ways to use technology to help us increase our business. I look forward to seeing what else they are capable of doing in the future."
James Hanrahan - Vice President, A-American Self Storage

"We are extremely pleased with the high quality tenants has sent to our facilities. Their pay for performance model means no risk for our company - there is only upside. Getting set up was a breeze through the direct Centershift integration and I'm happy to report the quantity of tenants from SpareFoot is growing substantially every month."
Christina Furnia - Director of Marketing, Simply Self Storage