Boat Storage When owning a boat a problem that you may encounter is where to store your boat between winter months. If your neighborhood allows you store the boat in your driveway or you have space in a garage at home you might want to consider storing your boat there. Check with your city or homeowners association to see if there are any restrictions against storing your boat outside of your house. Although this would cut down on the cost of boat storage and by keeping your boat on a trailer would allow you access to your boat at all times.

Rack Storage

Rack storage is another alternative for boat self storage, smaller boats usually work best for this option. Usually rack storage facilities keep boats in a covered shed with trailer like cradles, where your boat is placed until you need to use it. Racks are stacked 4 to 5 boats high and the facilities use a fork lift or another lift machine to retrieve and launch your boat. When you return from boating you simply leave your boat and the facility returns it back to the rack in the shed.

Boat Marina

If you own a larger boat or you enjoy being able to access your boat whenever it is convenient for you a boat marina may be the best boat storage option for you. Typically you can buy or rent your slip, which is a lease agreement, designating where you will place your boat in the marina. Prices of these slips usually depend on the length of your boat and the length of the slip agreement. Boat marinas often have showers and bathrooms on the premises and some even offer winter storage and a service option. Other amenities offered by the marina may include connections for electricity, water, telephone, internet and cable at the dock.

Boat Storage Facility

Boat storage facilities are similar to RV storage facilities. To determine the size of boat self storage you need to store your boat in will depend on the size of these items. A 10 by 20 unit is equal to the average size of a one car garage, so if you are storing a small boat this unit will probably suffice, or a 10 by 30 self storage unit will allow for more room in the unit. You will want to make sure that when you chose a boat storage unit there is extra space in the unit that will allow you to move freely about it and maneuver your boat without damaging it. Placing a cover over the boat while it is in the boat storage unit will protect the boat from collecting dust. Also consult your owner's manual for instructions on how to safely trailer and tow your boat to its place of storage.

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