Wine StorageSelf storage facilities specializing in wine bottle storage has become quite popular among wine aficionados. Although it might seem like a great idea to display your wine on your kitchen counter, it is actually the opposite. Wine should be stored in a wine storage unit that offers climate control features.

The types of wine storage ranges from temperature controlled cabinets with wine racks to underground wine storage units. Each of these options provides a suitable climate to store wine. Wine storage should be kept at a cool and constant temperature. Optimal temperate to prevent wine from prematurely aging is around 55° Fahrenheit year around. Lower temperature in wine storage units creates an environment for slow development, the higher the temperature the faster the wine ages. The temperature should be kept constant; any wavering in temperature can affect the quality of the wine. Proper humidity will keep the wine bottle and label in premium condition and the cork moist. Humidity should be kept around 60% to 70% to prevent wine from spoiling.

Other features to consider when searching for wine storage is whether or not the facility is able to combat against vibrations from external factors such as traffic. Wine should be stored in a dark cool environment and stored horizontally. The information on here is standard information for wine storage and some specific blends may require different storing, so do some research if you are unsure of how best to store and protect the wine.

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