Vehicle StorageVehicle storage is designed to store your car, trucks, vans or any other type of vehicles. Auto storage is a great way to protect your vehicle from the elements. It is a convenient place for you to store your vehicle if you are no longer using it for awhile or you do not have room at your home to store the vehicle.

By placing your car into vehicle self storage, you can ensure its protection from the environment and safety from vandalism. Garage storage offers your vehicle protection 24/7 with padlocks on the units and security cameras recording activity on the premises. Additional security features may include on-site managers or security guard patrolling the grounds.

When choosing which vehicle self storage best suits your needs, take into account the weather in the region that you live in. If you live in a region that experiences warmer climates year around, storing your vehicle in an outside parking lot should be just fine as long as you invest in a cover that is constructed of a thick multi-layered fabric. If the region you live in experiences harsh winters or a long rainy season you may want to consider indoor garage storage, which gives you protect form the environment.

Prior to putting your vehicle into storage take a few precautionary measures to ensure that the vehicle stays in good shape while in storage. The fuel system can be a prime source of problems so spend some time taking care of the fuel tank. Storing the vehicle with an empty tank can cause the tank to collect moisture and rust and corrode over time, while storing the vehicle with a full tank causes the gas to break down creating a gum or varnish on the tank. Adding a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline will keep it from deteriorating. After adding the stabilizer drive the vehicle around for about 10 miles to ensure that the stabilizer circulates throughout the fuel system. Change the oil and filter, used oil contains acids, moisture, and other combustion byproducts that can cause corrosion.

When placing your vehicle into the garage storage unit, make sure that you abide by the rules set by the facility. Typically vehicles are required to be in a drivable condition, tires are to be inflated and in good condition, registration and proof of insurance are required when signing the rental agreement. Also you may not use the unit as a workshop, due to the facilities inability to dispose of chemicals properly.

Types of Vehicle Self Storage

Some vehicle self storage facilities allow you to store your vehicle in regular storage unit which is similar to storing your vehicle in your garage at home. Others may ask that you store your vehicle in a parking lot.

Garage Storage

If a facility offers a unit that is large enough to accommodate your vehicle without causing damage to the unit or your vehicle, some facilities will allow you to place your vehicle in a storage unit. This type of auto storage is similar to a garage giving you protection from wind, snow, sun and rain. If you feel that you will need an added level of protection, ask about a climate controlled unit which will prevent rust from forming during storage by keeping the unit at a constant temperature.

Covered Auto Storage

This structure is similar to a parking garage and will protect your vehicle from the sun, wind and rain. Covered storage is a great choice to protect your vehicle from the sun and reduce exposure to rain and debris. These side-by-side spaces are designed and built for maximum protection.

Outdoor Storage

This option is usually the cheapest and is similar to placing your vehicle in a parking lot. It is not recommended for long-term storage because it offers little security and no protection against the elements. Investing in a study cover for your vehicle will protect your vehicle from elements such as weather damage, dents, and theft.

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