Tennessee Self Storage Facilities - Average Pricing by Unit Size

1. Self-storage facilities in Tennessee have been gaining popularity due to the state's growing population and increasing urban density. As more people move into apartments and smaller homes, the need for extra storage space has become more apparent. Self-storage units offer a convenient and affordable solution for individuals looking to declutter their living spaces.

2. Tennessee has a variety of self-storage options available, from traditional outdoor units to climate-controlled indoor facilities. Climate-controlled units are particularly popular in Tennessee due to the state's varying weather conditions, which can range from hot and humid summers to cold and wet winters. These units provide added protection for sensitive items such as electronics, wooden furniture, and documents.

3. The self-storage industry in Tennessee is regulated by the state's Self-Service Storage Facilities Act, which outlines the rights and responsibilities of both customers and storage facility owners. This legislation ensures that self-storage facilities maintain a certain standard of professionalism and security, protecting customers' belongings from theft and damage.

4. Many self-storage facilities in Tennessee offer various amenities to attract customers, such as 24-hour access, online payment options, and security features like surveillance cameras and gated access. These added conveniences make self-storage a popular choice for individuals looking for temporary storage solutions during moves, renovations, or life transitions.

5. Tennessee's self-storage industry is a significant contributor to the state's economy, providing jobs for facility managers, maintenance staff, and security personnel. The demand for self-storage units is expected to continue growing as more people seek affordable and flexible storage solutions in an increasingly urbanized state.

Unit SizeAverage PriceLowest Price
5' x 5'$40.49$7.00
5' x 10'$57.74$14.00
10' x 10'$96.91$10.00
15' x 10'$131.38$32.00
20' x 10'$158.10$20.00
Pricing updated on 06/12/2024