In order for businesses to survive the long haul, they have to evolve to customers' needs and demands and the self storage industry is no different. Specialty storage units are something unique to storage facilities over the past few years and are a great example of the storage industry adapting to new consumer needs. Specialty storage refers to special services provided by the storage facility in order to meet demands of temperature and humidity control in order to store items such as wine, documents, files, cars, RV's and antiques.

Specialty storage units are similar to traditional storage units except for the fact they are mostly climate controlled or can accommodate an RV or boat. The benefit of these specialty storage units is they can protect belongings from extreme temperatures, moisture and humidity. Some examples of types of possessions which can be stored in specialty storage are listed below.


Specialty StorageStorage facilities specializing in wine storage have become popular among many wine aficionados. In order to get the perfect taste and smell of wine after it has been sitting for days, months or even years, the bottle needs to be stored properly. Wine should be stored at a constant temperature between 55-65 degrees while the humidity in the unit should be about 50-80% in order to keep the cork moist. Light should be very minimal and the wine should not move at all once in storage to preserve the taste. All of these precautions are taken by wine enthusiasts and wine storage facilities.


RV StorageRV's are great for cruising cross country during the summer but can be a hassle to store when you aren't using them. Where are you supposed to park it? In the front yard? A neighbors? A great option is to park the RV outside at a storage facility. Storage facilities which provide RV Storage monitored by security cameras. Some facilities will even have gas stations, wash bays and other amenities for your RV.


Car StorageStoring classic cars is a great way to keep them in pristine condition when they aren't being used. Classic cars aren't the only cars which are stored though. Sometimes you simply run out of room in the garage or have an extra car. There are 2 options for car storage. One is storing your car outside and the other is storing it inside. Storing a car outside can be an affordable option for short-term storage but is not a preferred choice for long-term storage, especially for classic cars, as outdoor storage leaves your car open to the elements such as rain, heat, ice and snow. Indoor storage is a great, safe option for your car. It may cost a bit more than outdoor storage but the added security and fact your car is inside rather than outside outweighs the minimal uptick in cost. This blog post has some great car storage tips to look over prior to storing your car.


Boat StorageStoring your boat on a trailer in your driveway is the cheapest option you have when it comes to storage but what if you cant do that? Storing at the marina is an option but that can get costly which is why boat storage facilities have been gaining popularity. Storing your boat in a storage unit, on a rack or outdoors are great options during the winter months. A storage facility can keep your boat safe and secure when you aren't using it but you need to take precautions prior to dropping your boat in the water for Summer. These boat storage tips should give you a good start on how to care for your boat safe when storing.

Climate Controlled

Climate controlled storage units are a fairly new idea to the storage industry but they extremely popular. The idea behind a climate controlled unit is to keep moisture and humidity out while the temperature stays constant. This is accomplished by keeping the air flow moving in these units and is of particular importance to people storing electronics, art, wine, furs, antiques and pictures. The cost of storing belongings in a climate controlled unit is going to be more expensive than a regular storage unit but the minimal cost will outweigh the negative effects of possibly having your items ruined in a traditional unit. These units are typically air conditioned during warm months and heated during cold months in order to keep a constant temperature. Climate controlled units are a great idea for anyone in a part of the country where the temperatures can get above 90 degrees and below 32 degrees. Here is a blog post with some more information regarding climate controlled units.


Document StorageDocument storage is great for businesses of all sizes. Law firms, computer companies, startups or any business needing extra space can store their files and documents in a storage unit. Many businesses have files and cabinets full of financial information, tax documents and customer data which can all easily be stored. Instead of upgrading to a larger office building, remove some of the clutter by storing business documents and files.


The use of storage units for businesses has become popular as the economy continues to struggle. Many businesses are using storage units to store extra equipment, seasonal inventory, excess inventory, unused furniture, tradeshow equipment and pharmaceutical items. Keeping a business storage unit helps to reduce clutter around the office and open up the office setting. Almost anything in the office which is not used on a daily basis can be stored.


With the popularity of shows like "American Pickers", "Pawn Stars" and "Storage Wars" people are beginning to store more of their valuable possessions (or junk in some cases) in storage units. Depending upon the items being stored, a person may need higher security than someone who is simply storing clothes. Temperature, humidity and moisture can wreak havoc on older items so it is best to store antiques in a climate controlled storage unit in order to be sure the items are exactly as you left and remember them.

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