North Carolina Self Storage Facilities - Average Pricing by Unit Size

North Carolina is home to a thriving self-storage industry, with numerous facilities located throughout the state. One interesting fact about self-storage in North Carolina is that it is a highly competitive market, with many facilities vying for customers. This competition has led to a wide range of amenities and services being offered by storage facilities, including climate-controlled units, security features, and convenient access hours.

Another interesting fact about self-storage in North Carolina is that the industry has seen significant growth in recent years. The state's population has been steadily increasing, leading to a greater demand for self-storage units. This growth has prompted many facility owners to expand their offerings and invest in new developments to meet the needs of customers.

Additionally, the self-storage industry in North Carolina plays a crucial role in the state's economy. Storage facilities provide jobs for local residents, generate revenue for the state through taxes, and support various industries such as moving and packaging. The industry also contributes to the state's overall economic growth by providing a valuable service to businesses and individuals alike.

Overall, self-storage in North Carolina is a dynamic and important sector of the state's economy. With its competitive market, growth opportunities, and economic contribution, the industry continues to play a vital role in meeting the storage needs of residents and businesses throughout the state.

Unit SizeAverage PriceLowest Price
5' x 5'$48.86$10.80
5' x 10'$68.94$20.00
10' x 10'$106.51$30.00
15' x 10'$142.80$49.00
20' x 10'$177.94$25.00
Pricing updated on 06/16/2024