A-American Self Storage - West L.A.

2300 Federal Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90064
46 reviews
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$148.00 - $350.00
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4' x 7' Unit

Swing door, Floor 2, Interior

1 months rent @ 50% off

Due to limited availability, this unit group cannot be booked this far out. Select a closer move-in date to book this unit. $148.00

per month
No CC Required
4' x 12' Unit

Swing door, Floor 2, Interior

1 months rent @ 50% off

Due to limited availability, this unit group cannot be booked this far out. Select a closer move-in date to book this unit. $190.00

per month
No CC Required
8' x 7' Unit

Swing door, Floor 2, Interior

1 months rent @ 50% off

Due to limited availability, this unit group cannot be booked this far out. Select a closer move-in date to book this unit. $200.00

per month
No CC Required
8' x 12' Unit

Swing door, Floor 2, Interior

1 months rent @ 50% off

Due to limited availability, this unit group cannot be booked this far out. Select a closer move-in date to book this unit. $350.00

per month
No CC Required
As one of the largest and most solidly established storage facilities in the area, A-American has the experience to deliver. With self storage facilities in California, Hawaii, Missouri, and Nevada, we are looked upon as industry leaders. Yet A-American remains a family company with strong roots in the communities it serves. This combination gives us a vital advantage in the world of storage units.

Ever since our founder, Edmund C. Olson, opened the doors of our first storage facility, we've enjoyed welcoming new friends and neighbors. We take tremendous pride in our place in entrepreneurial history, as one of the first self storage companies. But we're not content to stand on our laurels. We offer the best, most innovative storage units on the market.
  • Elevator available
  • Free use of truck (tenant must refuel, $20-mile limit)
  • Fenced and lighted
  • Video cameras on site
  • Vehicle requires insurance
  • Loading dock (truck access size-50ft)
  • Vehicle requires title
  • Handcarts available
  • Moving supplies for sale
  • Spanish speakers on staff
  • Email billing available
  • Accepts mail/packages for tenants
  • Rent due on 1st of each month
  • Auto-pay available
  • Vehicle must be running
  • Insurance required
  • Insurance available
  • Homeowners/renters insurance accepted
  • Cash accepted
  • Checks accepted
  • Credit cards accepted (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover)
  • Allow 18-wheeler dropoff
  • 5% military discount (active-duty, reserves, veterans)
4.5 out of 5 stars - based on 46 reviews
Customer Reviews
Joowon lee Aug 03, 2022

Fast kind good

Good awesome good good good good good

Recommended: Yes

T. Apr 07, 2022

Great service

The manager and customer service representatives provide excellent service with great prices.

Recommended: Yes

Heidi Mar 27, 2022

Groovy storage facility

Really nice people there. Funky with a forklift to get stuff up stairs but works.

Recommended: Yes

Chris Nov 03, 2021


Super friendly. Clean facility.

Recommended: Yes

Michael Budd Mar 10, 2021

Best Storage Spot in LA!

Great staff, location and pricing. I used to rent here years ago and don't think I will go anywhere else in Los Angeles

Recommended: Yes

Paula Jan 28, 2021

Great Facility and Associates

I've been at AAmerican Self Storage since they opened. It is a great location, wonderful staff, cool in summer. Cameras are in the office. I've had to change storage units quite a few times since I've been here. The staff always helps. Now, with this covid thing, you have to wear a mask, but you can go into the office to fill out paperwork. The staff is behind plexiglass. They will hold packages for you, and call if you are late on your payment. I love this place & I love the staff. They keep it clean and work with your needs.

Recommended: Yes

Erin Jan 01, 2019

5 stars

Staff is very friendly and helpful! Free use of truck when moving in.

Recommended: Yes

Colleen Jul 02, 2018

Great deal easy

The place has easy access and is clean Chris is great!

Recommended: Yes

Adeline Oct 01, 2016


The people working there are simply amazing. They are kind, helpful and will go the extra step to make sure you got what you came for.

Recommended: Yes

Hanna Jan 14, 2016

I had a quick and easy move in. The facility is secure, and the staff are extremely friendly.

Recommended: Yes

Sophie Jul 28, 2015

Expensive but good security.

Prices were too high but I felt comfortable storing valuables at A American storage.

Recommended: Yes

Deb LZ Jul 23, 2015

Great Storage Place

I am super happy with my storage space at A-American Self Storage. Well maintained and safe. I wish they had extended hours, but for me, it works.

Recommended: Yes

Nicolas Jul 01, 2015

Perfect, very satisfied

Thank you I had a great experience. Storage unit is great, price is very competitive. I strongly recommend

Recommended: Yes

Sherry Jun 13, 2015

Everyone from driver to manager was very helpful and friendly.

Recommended: Yes

David Jun 03, 2015

Great customer service, forklift was a huge help

Recommended: Yes

George May 25, 2015

Very convenient and pretty quick check in and good price!

They made it easy. Very happy to have a storage unit for a great price!

Recommended: Yes

Harrold May 05, 2015

Excellent storage and move-in with free truck at a great price!

Great conveniently located location at competitive pricing. Did not think this would work for me until I stopped by, met management and saw facility. Was perfect for my needs. A truck was provided at no cost to bring in my belongs. A good lock was provided at reasonable cost and extended hours of access are available from 7am to 6:45 pm. Even sweeter with a AAA discount.

Recommended: Yes

Melissa Mar 13, 2015

It's been great. Very friendly and convenient.

Recommended: Yes

maria Jan 16, 2015

Name of attendant on duty was fast and knew the right turns. Convenient and fun to do something that was initially framed as a chore.

Recommended: Yes

Kimberly Jan 15, 2015

The staff is great but I wish it was more updated and better technology also adding mini storages will be great

Recommended: No

Chelsea Dec 25, 2014

Great. The guy was super helpful and kind.

Recommended: Yes

Demetri Sep 20, 2014

Theirs is a "practiced system", they know how to efficiently get you in, set up, and on your way. Already the staff grows used to me; I enter the facility and my security key is waiting for me at the desk without me asking.

Recommended: Yes

Tlaloc Sep 05, 2014

Recommended: Yes

Leslie Jul 18, 2014


Recommended: Yes

Erika Jun 15, 2014

Sparefoot did not notify me that my reservation expires after a week so when I went to the storage unit with ALL my luggage and items to store, the facility told me they did not have a reservation under my name because it had already expired. Sparefoot should notify their customers that this occurs. The facility ran out of lockers at my rate and size but they upgraded me to a new, bigger locker and gave me the original rate so they were really nice and understanding.

Recommended: Yes

STEPHANIE Mar 04, 2014

While I appreciate the extra security as a result of the double lock system, I don't like their hours of access. I need to access my unit outside of their business hours of 9a-6p.

Recommended: Yes

Helen Feb 20, 2014

George Lopez and the rest of the staff is wonderful! They're helpful, courteous, and the best that I've had the experience to work with at a storage facility!

Recommended: Yes

Demetrius Bryant Feb 02, 2014

The Pluses overweight the Negatives

The "pluses" - A reasonably convenient location, $19.95 (plus the cost of a lock) to move in. $45 a month thereafter (payable online) and this includes mandatory insurance. The "negatives" - There is a 2-lock system; a "house" lock and yours. I must sign in, get the key to the house lock then proceed to my storage which is a bin HIGH OVERHEAD. You must pull a ladder over and because of the door configuration, VERY awkwardly maneuver each lock off, hoist your items inside, then go through the equally awkward process of replacing the locks. Return the house key. Staff humorously acknowledge that the process is a "pain in the ..."...Is why, they say, the price is so inexpensive.

Recommended: Yes

Kevin Dec 19, 2013

Good facility at a great price.

Recommended: Yes

Susan Nov 07, 2013

Efficient and professional

Recommended: Yes

Kirk Attebury Aug 30, 2013

Great experience @A-American

I called a few places to check rates. A-American had a better deal. Location was great. Customer service is excellent. Chris made me feel right at home. Paperwork was short and sweet. Facility easy to get in and out.

Recommended: Yes

Amanda Aug 08, 2013

Place is clean with a few spiders here and there which makes me raise an eyebrow, but otherwise looks good. Never gets too hot. It's a little weird that there's only chicken wire as a roof on my storage unit.... Doesn't seem incredibly secure but I guess we'll see. Staff is very nice, and the value is great! Liking it a lot so far!

Recommended: Yes

Kirk Jul 18, 2013

The managers at this facility are wonderful.

Recommended: Yes

Monica Jun 18, 2013

Recommended: Yes

Dia Jun 18, 2013

Excellent warm friendly experience

Recommended: Yes

Amber Shannon May 19, 2013

Couldn't be happier!

I just moved here from South Florida & had been researching storage facilities for a while. I decided on this place, as they're in a great central location & are more affordable than other places I had checked out. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the manager & then proceeded to be assisted by Chris Sooy, the Assistant Manager who was super helpful. There was also a lady in the office that day. They were both professional & friendly with a great sense of humor, which was very refreshing after a cross-country move! The facility was very clean & well lit, with security cameras everywhere. I read fellow reviewer Gregory's review & have to honestly say I lol'd when I read that he said it was "popular with the homeless" & thought that some "illegal activity" was taking place? I have no idea what gave him that impression, but I saw nothing but regular folks going in & out of their units both days that I was there, & I definitely didn't see anything that looked suspicious or illegal. The unit I have is above another one, but there's a wheeled ladder right around the corner, so it's no problem. Also, being from FL, I'm used to humidity & was concerned about not having an air conditioned unit, but the temperature inside the whole facility was very cool (actually cold for my FL blood, haha). There are also lots of dollies/h& trucks to use. Oh, & CLEAN BATHROOMS! Yay! The only reason this place might not work for everyone is that their access hours mimic their office hours: Mon-Sat 8-6, Sun 9-6. I think it’s because of their double-lock system. In order to get into your unit, you have to sign in & get their key, then you unlock their lock & your lock on your unit & there's a record of everyone that goes in & out. Those hours are fine for me, & I actually really like that level of security. Overall, I'm very happy storing my stuff here & highly recommend them to anyone. If you're coming from out of town like me, you'll be in good hands with this place, no worries. :-)

Recommended: Yes

Terrianne May 16, 2013

Soooo Friendly! So organized. So clean. A real winner!!!

Recommended: Yes

Lucien May 09, 2013

Extremely and surprisingly excellent. Even called a cab for me!

Recommended: Yes

Victoria May 07, 2013

Recommended: Yes

Gregory Apr 02, 2013

Staff was friendly and helpful. Storage inside clean, but otherwise facility somewhat unsanitary. Seems like it is quite popular with homeless and I would harbor a guess that some illegal activity is taking place. Price is better than other storage facilities in area, but then again, other facilities are more secure, built better, and a great deal more clean. You get what you pay for...

Recommended: No

S. Brandaux Jan 27, 2013


Moving is stressful enough. Placing the majority of your boxed life in a storage facility can break even the strongest. Being new to the West Coast, I knew nothing of the areas or how storage places are around here. I choose A-American Self Storage not only for the convenience of the place but for the special deal & price they were offering and I couldn't be more pleased. Management was on point and helped in more ways than necessary. Friendly, cordial, and had an unheard of sense of understanding with my dilemma. They assisted me with getting the storage size and unit needed, priced to fit my limited budget and not once did I feel like I was being taken for my $. The place is open (and very cold), clean and convenient to get around. Carts and dollies are there for your using and the paperwork process was swift. Only issue is there is no light in my actual unit but the entire building is well lit. I saw many people come in this day and everyone seemed to know the staff well. Highly recommended.

Recommended: Yes

Jessicca Dec 04, 2012

Recommended: Yes

Amanda Oct 16, 2012

The whole process was very quick and easy. Customer service was very efficient and loading up my stuff into the unit was a breeze.

Recommended: Yes

La Donna Sep 27, 2012

They accepted the online reservation, showed me a few options, explained the policies, had me fill out papers and pay. They offered a free truck and driver and the move went well. It is clean. There's fun music playing. Always a cart to use. I can take my child and let him play in the hall while I sort through my things. The climate control makes it nice to spend the time there that is required for me to complete my work. I also like the security system. I feel pretty safe being there.

Recommended: Yes

Shelly Aug 06, 2012

Wonderful and friendly

Recommended: Yes

Steve Jones May 16, 2012

Awesome prices for any size. Staff was extremly friendly. Just an overall good experience.

Recommended: Yes