Long Beach Security Self Storage, LP

1430 East Anaheim Street
Long Beach, CA 90813
109 reviews
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5' x 7' Unit

Floor 7, Interior

May 45% Off

Due to limited availability, this unit group cannot be booked this far out. Select a closer move-in date to book this unit. $97.85

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5' x 10' Unit

Floor 5, Interior

May 45% Off

Due to limited availability, this unit group cannot be booked this far out. Select a closer move-in date to book this unit. $150.00

per month
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5' x 10' Unit

Floor 4, Interior

May 45% Off

Due to limited availability, this unit group cannot be booked this far out. Select a closer move-in date to book this unit. $160.00

per month
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10' x 10' Unit

Floor 6, Interior

May 45% Off

Due to limited availability, this unit group cannot be booked this far out. Select a closer move-in date to book this unit. $220.00

per month
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10' x 10' Unit

Floor 3, Interior

May 45% Off

Due to limited availability, this unit group cannot be booked this far out. Select a closer move-in date to book this unit. $240.00

per month
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10' x 15' Unit

Floor 4, Interior

May 45% Off

Due to limited availability, this unit group cannot be booked this far out. Select a closer move-in date to book this unit. $300.00

per month
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Since 1999, Long Beach Security Storage has been one of the leading self-storage facilities in Long Beach, California by providing superlative storage solutions for both residential and commercial customers.
Specializing in affordable self storage, and business storage. We offer a secure,clean,and friendly environment for all your storage needs.
  • Elevator available
  • Truck rental available
  • Fenced and lighted
  • Video cameras on site
  • Loading dock (truck access size-20ft)
  • Handcarts available
  • Moving supplies for sale
  • Email billing available
  • Accepts mail/packages for tenants
  • Rent due on 1st of each month
  • Auto-pay available
  • Insurance required
  • Insurance available
  • Homeowners/renters insurance accepted
  • Cash accepted
  • Checks accepted
  • Credit cards accepted (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover)
  • 5% senior discount
4 out of 5 stars - based on 109 reviews
Customer Reviews
Deloris Apr 21, 2022

keeps things safe!

I can't say I love the elevator, or that they only pay one poor person to be onsite at a time, but my stuff has stayed secure and unharmed for just over 2 years and it's not horrendously expensive! Easy to fill out paperwork, everything was upfront and straightforward - no hidden fees or anything.

Recommended: Yes

Valerie Calderon Feb 17, 2022

Quick and easy

It was a breeze, friendly and fast

Recommended: Yes

Pascal bablin Nov 01, 2021

Very good experience

Perfect and easy every one is very helpful

Recommended: Yes

Angela M. Mar 13, 2021

Easy move-in.

I arrived around closing time and was helped quickly!

Recommended: Yes

Jennifer Feb 22, 2021

Helpful staff

The staff is helpful and responsive

Recommended: Yes

John C Feb 22, 2021

Meets my expectations for good business

I have had a unit here for going on two years. The building is clean. The staff is friendly. The communication is good. Regular emails are sent to notify you of billing, receipt of payment, holiday hours etc.

Recommended: Yes

LC Feb 19, 2021

Treated as a valued customer.

The employees are accommodating, facility clean and welcoming. I comfortable storing my belongings there.

Recommended: Yes

Linda. & Molly Mar 12, 2020

Two thums up!

There is no other storage that is dog friendly. Ive been here 1 year. The staff is really cool the price is offordable. The alley needs to be cleaned up more often. Beside that this is a great place to store your things.i thank you L B security storage.

Recommended: Yes

John Slater Mar 09, 2020

Nothing but positive experiences

Staff are friendly and the facility, though old (historic, one might say!), is solid. There is virtually no dust on the items I've stored for years.

Recommended: Yes

Steven Blue Feb 14, 2020

Great staff and service!

In a building even an atomic bomb couldn't bring down, i feel my items are safe. My only complaint is the rentbgoes up yearly if not more. Living on Social Security makes budgeting kind of rough. Otherwise, I'm pleased.

Recommended: Yes

Kenny Archie Bowen Feb 13, 2020

Excellent service.

Excellent staff and service. Prompt service giving good and sound advice.

Recommended: Yes

Zuko Gomez Feb 13, 2020

Best Storage in Town

So far it’s the best storage I’ve ever used, professional and affordable. Staff is always friendly and helpful.

Recommended: Yes

Nereida Sanchez Feb 13, 2020

They are really nice and if need help they are there to assist

They have easy access to the units and they have a elevator to go up to the top storages .they are really friendly and they are not rude at all.

Recommended: Yes

Marina Bynum Feb 13, 2020

It’s always quiet. Which I prefer.

The employees have always been very nice and helpful.

Recommended: Yes

Linda Arman Feb 13, 2020

Rent increase was too much !

Not happy about large rent increase, of added 20.00 too high now.

Recommended: Yes

GINA Feb 13, 2020

Workers are always friendly and very helpful

Great customer service, very friendly staff. If I ever have any questions they are very informative I have had my storage there for about 7 months now and I have never had any issues .

Recommended: Yes

Jenna Feb 13, 2020

Highly recommend

Friendly staff, great storage space! Would highly recommend!

Recommended: Yes

Alan Spooner Sep 09, 2019

Review as of Monday, 9/9/19

As of Monday, 9/9/19 1212 1. 1. The person renting a space next to mine appears to be homeless and she had her mess in the hallway and it looked pretty filthy. 2. Parking was worse than I thought it would be. 3. Kind of pricey for what you get. (I've used many storage units over the years. 4. Hard to get people to return my calls. 5. There were 2 guys that were pretty nice & helpful and a woman who was not very friendly -- at the time. Maybe she was just stressed out???

Recommended: No

Al Jul 26, 2019

Good pricing horrible elevator use policy

Pricing is good, but horrible set up of using the elevator with company. A stupid one person only can take the elevator and the rest must use the stairs. I have my storage at 7th floor they expect me to let my company helping me load use 7 floors up stairs.

Recommended: No

Erika Jul 22, 2019

The staff is really helpful and nice

The staff is very very helpful the establishment is very clean the only complaint I have are the hours and charging and after our fee for like even a minute late But overall I would recommend this place especially if somebody lived nearby

Recommended: Yes

Angel Jul 20, 2019

Great faculty

Clean, quik ,and proffesional.

Recommended: Yes

Michael Jul 20, 2019

Good place

Good nice cheap place really friendly staff

Recommended: Yes

Jessica Rees Jul 19, 2019

Friendly helpful staff and good prices

Good specials on pricing and staff are great. Appreciated the phone call reminders about payments. Easy month to month agreement no long term commitment

Recommended: Yes

Ronni Thompson Jul 19, 2019

Way to go!

No one wants to store their cr.p But this is the place to be if you have to. Very friendly and helpful staff. Clean and easy access.

Recommended: Yes

Heather Jul 18, 2019

I love this place.

Great,clean place just replacement key is too expensive.

Recommended: Yes

D S Jul 17, 2019


The prices are really great and the place is pretty clean . I believe that not having an elevator that customers can use themselves creates a strain at times . I would recommend more professionally trained staff with up to date knowledge .

Recommended: Yes

Chris Jul 04, 2019

Nice place.

Nice place to store your belongings.

Recommended: Yes

Riley Jul 03, 2019

Would recommend but only for physically abled people

Pros: First week moved in. Clean facilities, great customer service. Cons: access to upper floors. Though the freight elevator is a must, a customer elevator should be in place for those who can't go 7 flights upstairs or if you bring people to help you carry things

Recommended: Yes

Jason Nov 07, 2018

Overall it's good

Only problem is that the elevator is currently out of order.

Recommended: Yes

Daisy sanchez Aug 16, 2018

Very helpful and affordable

The workers are very helpful, never rude.

Recommended: Yes

Chi Jul 20, 2018

Satisfactory service.

Clean facility and friendly staff. Well organized. Will definitely recommend the facility.

Recommended: Yes

Irene magana Jul 19, 2018

A place I would recommend

Clean, and friendly staff and affordable.

Recommended: Yes

Billy Turner Jul 10, 2018

Dependable Storage!!

Thank you for making life easier. Self Storage Customer Billy

Recommended: Yes

Lissette Jul 09, 2018

Good place

Overall good place, customer service is good but wish they would not increase rate every 6 months, it's starting to get pricey.

Recommended: Yes

Anthony Johnson Jul 09, 2018

No complaints

My experience has been comfortable and satisfactory and I am pleasantly surprised by the service that I continue to receive would willingly recommend to anyone interested and will continue to do business for the unforeseeable future I am very appreciative

Recommended: Yes

Nicki Gollayan Jul 09, 2018

Good space

I like this storage unit, but I don’t like that I can’t go in the elevator cause I have to go all the way to the 5th floor using the stairs

Recommended: Yes

Tracy Anderson Jun 03, 2018

Facility is acceptable

There are some flaws with elevator and customer service. Haven’t physically been there in a few months.

Recommended: Yes

Garrett Jun 02, 2018

Price is fare, but don’t expect much else.

It’s a diginy dirty building with drive up access through a cramped and even dirtier ally. Every time I have gone to add more or get something out of my storage unit. I have had to wait several minutes after ringing the bell for the elevator, for an attendant who usually seems like they are being bothered by having to do there jobs. The price for my size unit seems fair. However if an employee at another storage simply paid me a complamint. I’d pack up my stuff and jump ship. As big of a hassle as that might be. I’d guess it would be worth it.

Recommended: No

Rosie Jun 01, 2018

Great customer service

Great customer service Storage area is clean Clerks are always willing to help

Recommended: Yes

Pheolious Yizar Jun 01, 2018


Staff is knowledgeable and courteous. Very helpful in resolving issues. Thanks for your help!

Recommended: Yes

Ted bradley Jun 01, 2018

Long beach

been renting for over a year have never had no plroblem.the place is alway clean all the employees are alway nice and respectfully is the best storage i am renting i would recommend a friend

Recommended: Yes

Christine Marucci Jun 01, 2018

Difficult to access

Since you cannot use the freight elevator you may find yourself walking up many flights of poorly lit stairs to get to your unit.

Recommended: Yes

Cindy Turner May 04, 2018

My Opinion

I have made my feelings about your facility clear to a couple of your employees from early on. I grit my teeth every time I have to fork out almost $115.00 a month for a 5'x10' (increased 4 or 5 times starting at $90.00 per month in September 2015), non-air conditioned storage unit. The response has always been, well, you obviously aren't up to date with storage facility costs, this place is basically a bargain. Really? The facility is well over 100 years old, and that includes the huge, ancient elevator. Several times over the past 2-1/2 years, the elevator was not working. What if getting to my storage unit #537 was an absolute necessity? Now, I can't even take the elevator when it's working, I have to walk up to 5th floor (what do disabled or elderly people do???). It seems clear that the owner(s) don't trust that the elevator is safe. Ridiculous, and how safe to your employees feel when they have to take the elevator from the ground floor?

Recommended: No

Marissa Branson May 04, 2018

Good value

Good price, good location, smells kind of bad though in the building.

Recommended: Yes

Richard C. Meraz May 04, 2018


Nice people convenience close to home

Recommended: Yes

Sarina Chan May 04, 2018


It was pretty quick and easy. The staff are very nice. We were able to easily get all our stuff into our storage unit. The carts and the lift were easily accessible and helpful.

Recommended: Yes

Antionette Callander May 03, 2018

Worked with me when I had an discrepancy.

Inexpensive clean and very helpful when moving things in and out of storage I only wish the hours where longer to be able to access my unit. 5:30 M-F 4:30 S-S does not give the average person much time to do much. Otherwise I am good.

Recommended: Yes

Wendy Apr 11, 2018

Quick and fast

Not a bad place for what it is

Recommended: Yes

Jay Apr 09, 2018

Not what I expected.

The extra charges was unexpected, and the loading the elevator then walking up the stairs was an unexpecting surprise, and the customer service needs work.

Recommended: No

Aura Dec 04, 2017

Muy. Buen lugar

Muy resvicio muy amables siempre estan dispuestos ayudar al.cliente

Recommended: Yes

toph Nov 07, 2017

Reasonable\y Priced Long Beach Storage Solution

the Long Beach Security Self Storage facility, located on Anaheim by Walnut is an affordable, old-school storage facility. It's a tall building and requires customers to use the stairwell to access belongings. The elevator is for freight only. easy drive up from the alley and ample carts make moving in or out a breeze. the place is clean and the female workers i've encountered were very nice and accommodating. it suits my needs perfectly.

Recommended: Yes

Teena Oct 22, 2017

Charges a lot of extra fees. Also a lot of stair climbing’

Be prepared to pay out a lot in administrative fees, deposit, their insurance and their padlock. Cost me $120 right off the bat. Also the elevator is only for your storage not you. They don’t tell you this until after you pay. I have to walk up and down 6 flights of stairs!!

Recommended: Yes

Christine perez Sep 06, 2017

Great staff

Clean, great customer service..very helpful

Recommended: Yes

La Shon Sep 05, 2017

I've used LB Storage for all my storage needs

They have provided excellent service through the years with a clean facility, and helpful and friendly staff.

Recommended: Yes

AGUSTIN Sep 04, 2017

Good price

God price. They don't have elevators for the renters but it has it for the items. It's a freight elevator only. I can count all the stairs as my workout.

Recommended: Yes

Mark Sep 04, 2017

Dishonest employee

Twice, in August, I've arrived on Sunday to find Long Beach Security Storage shut early. I get that, being an all-indoor facility, the access is going to be 'Office Hours'. What I do not accept is the employee in charge *making her own hours to suit herself*. However, on Sunday Sep 3rd, I arrived with 12 minutes to spare, plenty of time for what I needed. As I entered, the girl said, "We're closing right now." I told her I needed 2 minutes, not sure of what action, considering she's already breaking the rules, would be taken if I used the 5 minutes I actually needed -- even though that would have left 7 minutes to spare. What are you going to do when the staff is pressuring you, with no reason, except that they don't like their job enough to honor the hours posted, in print, on the wall? I can understand if someone pulled up with a truckful near closing; but I was obviously on foot with two bags, so any issue is purely her own: to leave early. That was rushing me to prep for the closed day, Sep 4. Pressure made me nervous, and I forgot stuff I needed: the right clothes for nights outdoors. I had arrived in plenty of time; but the person in charge wasn't recognizing the hours listed, in red, on the walls. As I left, I asked a reasonable question: "Why were you closing early?" She ignored my question, and backpeddled, saying, "But I let you in", admission that she knew she was caught closing up before the correct time. She didn't *want* to let me in, and hassled me for it, which I told her. Her response was sarcasm. I don't need sarcasm from an employee doing wrong; and no other customer should put up with that behavior. She has no excuse; nor is it a 'misunderstanding'. She fully intended to close shop before the posted time. Why is this employee working there? More to the point, why is she in charge on her shift? With her attitude, she'll close early again. Don't rent here. You'll be locked out early, from the access you paid for.

Recommended: No

Jessica Sep 01, 2017

It's cheap

Like the prize and everything except the fact I had to walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator. Nice employees specially one of the new girls. Don't remember her name but she was really sweet and help full

Recommended: Yes

Pyae Sep 01, 2017

A good storage place.

Great service, good pricing, and a decently clean storage.

Recommended: Yes

Jose Rodriguez Aug 31, 2017

for the neede poor broken folks STORAGE

For more than a year I've been renting storage 462 and since then there is a really bad smell all over the place , especially some storage on 3th level , I already know that when I move out I'll need to trow in the trash lot of my expensive lalbel cloths.... really poor light in hallway right above my storage door , many lights out , they force to pay for a $20 lock , when the price of the exactly same brand lock is only $ 1.99 at the 99 cents store next block over and things goes ON and ON but I'll stop right here , because I don't want to end on the streets with my belongings but definitely many issues need to address asap

Recommended: No

Denise Knibbs Aug 31, 2017


Never any problems. Very thorough.

Recommended: Yes

AGUSTIN Jul 20, 2017

Customer service is great

Great customer service, a they are ready to help you and when you have a question they are very knowledgeable.

Recommended: Yes

Joe Jul 20, 2017

No elevator for customers

I think the staff was friendly enough. You had to purchase an overly priced cheap lock instead of your own. There were no stairs so you had to trek up and down to meet your stuff in the elevator. There was no where to park your car much less a uhaul.

Recommended: No

Joe Jul 19, 2017

No elevator and no parking

The staff was nice but there is no where to park your car or uhaul. Customers are made to take the stairs when at facility. There is one elevator that your belongings go in that is shared with other tenants.

Recommended: No

Jade Jul 03, 2017

A hassle to move in but the price is ideal!

Unfortunately, the elevator is not for passengers other than an employee operator, so for each load you take up this multi-story building, you have to ring a buzzer and wait for someone to come from the office. Then you have to climb the stairs all the way to your floor (opt for 1-3 if you can) and load your things quickly. Same process to get any carts you used back downstairs. It may not be easy, but with a Sparefoot 1st month free discount, a AAA discount, and a 5% autopay discount (after the first month) this place is ideal while I continue my apartment hunt! I may not even need to use it after the first month, and if I do, I still have great discounts to back me up. Great for college students during the summer since it's somewhat near the CSULB campus.

Recommended: Yes

Evelyn Arambul Jun 23, 2017

Quick, easy, and convenient!

Storing my belongings here was easy from the start. There is always someone ready to help and everything is done quickly. The location is very convenient as well.

Recommended: Yes

Melanie Lee Jun 18, 2017

Seven Years Tenancy Meant Nothing

I rented three large units for over seven years and ran into some financial difficulty. But it meant nothing to them and in the end my units were auctioned and my personal items thrown in the trash. Such a difference in service from when I first rented to the present.

Recommended: No

Joyce Witkamp Jun 13, 2017

Wating for the elevator is a real pain in the well you know what

Need more help hear! Should not have to wait for the only person working to move the dam thing

Recommended: No

Michael L. Stanley #214 Jun 13, 2017

fast,efficient, courteous personnel with prices I can afford!!!!!!!

I needed a place to store my belongings and a place that wouldn't charge me a arm and leg. I went to several,,,,, I mean several place that was too damn high and tedious. A friend recommended me to Security Storage and low and behold I remembered that I use them over a decade ago when I was married, for the same reason...reasonable fast efficient and courteous.

Recommended: Yes

Isaac Serrato Jun 13, 2017

My first and only choice for storage!

When I first moved to Long Beach in 2012 the first thing I searched for was a storage unit that was nearby, affordable, clean and safe. LBSSS made it an easy decision. I love the building and the tenants and staff are always friendly. I Have always felt safe at LBSSS that is most important with storage units. This is my fifth year as a tenant at LBSSS and I definitely recommend it to everyone!

Recommended: Yes

Raymond Jun 13, 2017

Great service

Not the best location but security is great and trust worthy

Recommended: Yes


Great Customer Service

All of the staff members I have interacted with have provided excellent customer service!

Recommended: Yes

Eddie poellnitz Jun 12, 2017


Great place to be añd store my things

Recommended: Yes

Jennifer M Jun 12, 2017

Clean and affordable storage

Ive been renting a storage for about 3 months now and ive had no problems yet. Staff is friendly and helpful

Recommended: Yes

Sandra Bays Jun 12, 2017

Clean, safe, professional.

I have been a tenant for 15+ years. I am pleased with the service.

Recommended: Yes

Angie Jun 12, 2017

Excellence all over from the unit to the service.

I felt secure about leaving my personal belongings in thw unit. Very clean and affordable prices. Everyone who worked there was always available to help answer any questions.

Recommended: Yes

Danielle Feb 19, 2017

Great customer service

Customer service was awesome . Thank you so much for making my move easy breezy . 😀

Recommended: Yes

Nicole Aug 17, 2016

People were helpful but understaffed

It was a nice place but they needed more workers! I wish I could get into my storage later than 6:30. Other than that it was great

Recommended: Yes

Paul P Mealie Jun 30, 2016

Best value in area

I have one of the larger units - 15X14 and am very satisfied with the customer service (personnel) and the quality of the space/price. Just call ahead to verify elevator availability and there will never be a problem. Easy to pay online or even with auto pay. I consider myself lucky to have found this facility. Always pleasant, always helpful.

Recommended: Yes

Audrey Jun 24, 2016


I was exhausted from searching for what I needed when Spare Foot led me to LB Security Storage and in no time they became a complete solution for me. Big thanks!

Recommended: Yes

Lindsey Jun 12, 2016

Easy and straight forward

It was really easy move! The staff was incredibly nice and helpful!

Recommended: Yes

Yuri May 04, 2016

Struggling at first with keeping the payment the same but call sparefoot and they cleared it up for me

Recommended: Yes

Chelsea Apr 29, 2016

pleasant staff

Recommended: Yes

Stephanie Mar 03, 2016

Nice hardworking ladies who work there but their computer system couldn't handle this site's discount info. Took us well over 45 min. of everyone on staff & from other location working on fixing this problem. I sat while my friends waited with large rental truck full of stuff. Big waste of time. Plus slow going getting the elevator up to you when you need it since u rely on 1 of only 2 workers to operate it--& they are swamped. Not sure I got the right size storage unit either. Very peculiar but we were rushing to move with limited time.

Recommended: No

Mary Feb 28, 2016



Recommended: Yes

Paul Jan 21, 2016

Secure, easy to get to, very helpful and friendly employees

Recommended: Yes

Paul Jan 17, 2016

Great price lots of room, friendly stafff..

Could not find a large unit like this anywhere else for such a great price. Super clean and friendly employees.

Recommended: Yes

louis Dec 16, 2015

Walked in, very spacious, was seen immediately. Employee took me up to a storage unit, was very large and pretty cheap, signed on the spot, very happy to have found this place

Recommended: Yes

Gregory Nov 08, 2015

Pleasant staff, fairly clean for an old building.

Quick and courteous check in. Nice big elevator. All I can say for now.

Recommended: Yes

Gayle Oct 10, 2015


Recommended: Yes

Macedonio Castaneda Oct 05, 2015

Bad service

They need to have more personnel working there, staff is the only one how could operate the freight elevator , and you have to weight about 10 to 20 mints, and if it brake down on Friday they would not fix it in tell Monday, so ill be every careful to plane to go there with your truck or anything ales Its like you need to call ahead of time to go to your storage you are paying for that . This so ridiculous and on fear. .

Recommended: No

Macedonio Castaneda Oct 03, 2015

A little pricey

Got a 5x7 switch to the 7th floor realize there's a pillar inside which to my knowledge it's not a full five by seven cuz you're losing out on that pillow that's in there also access to the elevator you have to wait for few minutes give or take 5 to 10 minutes cuz there's only two people working in that facilities it would be nice to have one person right by the elevator or around that general area so you could have them operate that elevator because only faculty or staff is allowed to operate the elevator not the tenant coming from a storage unit previous was not aware of that but I was in a bit of a rush of obtaining a storage space so I end up taking that but make sure you call them and find out exactly what and titles for you to move in I am T Pain $95 where I'm assuming it was should have been 67 or $69 at the advertise but when you get there they add the insurance cleaning fees or whatever extra stuff that they don't tell you over the phone so sometimes people are stuck going there spending the time of travel and not being aware exactly what your first month to get that unit is going to be single parent that 95 or $96 that I spend to me right now I don't have that but I made a sacrifice to do that hopefully in the near future people would advertise exactly what they're actually offering and not surprising a customer with everything else that you need to have before you obtain that unit

Recommended: No

Charles Sep 18, 2015


Although not climate controlled this appears to be an excellent facility. Edward was most professional in signing me up!

Recommended: Yes

Jennifer Sep 06, 2015

There was not enough staff to provide good customer service.

The element around the facility is suspect. Too many homeless loitering in and around the building. Saget your is a concern.

Recommended: No

Rachel Aug 01, 2015

Very nice Manager

I appreciate all the help that I received from the Manager!

Recommended: Yes

Lani Harmony Jul 28, 2015

Very Friendly Staff

I really love the character of the older building. There is an elevator and carts available which help to get things moved more efficiently. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Recommended: Yes

Eric Jul 03, 2015

Edward the manager was great. The staff friendly and the unit clean.

Recommended: Yes

Mario Apr 29, 2015

Brest bang fur three buck while not compromising security

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Adequate dollys and a large freight elevator to help you move in and out. Very fairly priced and the storage units are well maintained. Accessing the loading dock is a little tricky since one must use the alley. This makes navigating a big truck a bit more difficult than most places but this is definitely not a deal breaker.

Recommended: Yes

Melanie Apr 19, 2015

The management was professional, efficient and helpful. He (Randall) was very clear when executing the paperwork. The facility was very clean and I haven't seen any bugs. It was a smooth and pleasant experience. Thanks.

Recommended: Yes

Natalie Feb 11, 2015

There are tons of homeless and destitute people roaming the halls, living out of their storage units, and I definitely feel like my stuff isn't safe there, with only our simple locks on the doors. I'm not too attached to my things, but still would like the peace of mind that my belongings will not be tampered with while I am away.

Recommended: No

Jennifer Jan 04, 2015

Recommended: Yes

??????????????? Dec 03, 2014

Great price and people

Not the best part of town, but the place is clean and seems to be well managed. The high ceiings are nice. Friendly staff which you get to know because they have to operate the elevator.

Recommended: Yes

Elizabeth Oct 17, 2014

I like how fast and easy did all my paperwork .the staff where helpful but the most important thing is that my stuff is supper save at long beach security storage I ready recommend it...

Recommended: Yes

Brandon Johnson Sep 08, 2014

more employees

Everything was great, except having to wait for the employee to return from helping others go up and down the elevator.

Recommended: Yes

Dennis Aug 15, 2014

Still moving in. It is a little wierd to have to have an attendant run the elevator but overall I am very pleased so far. Everyone is very nice and helpful.

Recommended: Yes

Kysha Jul 07, 2014

Location is convenient, easy to move in with freight elevator and several carts to use. The only thing that is a little inconvenient is having to wake for the elevator, but now a big deal at all. The staff here is friendly and helpful. Good place!

Recommended: Yes

Deanna Apr 14, 2014

Very helpful

Recommended: Yes

brigitte Sep 06, 2013

outstanding staff!

Recommended: Yes

jasmine Aug 06, 2013

Was in and out..no waiting prices are reasonable..

Recommended: Yes

Keri Bones Apr 05, 2013

Very simple and stress free.

The location is great with ease of unloading and loading. The facility is an early 1900's 7 story tall building with a great big elevator. They offer lots of dollies and carts for easy moving. The staff was nice and helpful. I would recommend to anyone,

Recommended: Yes