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There is high demand for renting self storage units in Jacksonville, FL. Reserve your unit today.
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There is high demand for renting self storage units in Jacksonville, FL. Reserve your unit today.
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Jacksonville Climate Controlled Storage

Items That Can Be Stored In Jacksonville Climate Controlled Storage

Storage units often help to keep your possessions safe and free from elements that could cause damage such as moisture, heat, cold, rodents or dust. If you want your properties to keep looking the same all year round and last for longer, you need to consider renting a climate controlled storage. Besides keeping your items in excellent condition, Jacksonville climate controlled storage helps you to gain additional space at the office or the home. But what type of items can be stored in a climate controlled storage unit? Consider the following:

1) Wooden Furniture

Over time, moisture can wreak havoc on wooden objects like dressers, bed frames, tables and chairs among other items. Pest can also damage wooden objects. Storing wooden objects in climate-controlled storage ensures that your valuable wooden furniture does not warp, rot or crack.

2) Clothing and Other Fabrics

While it true that you can store your clothing in a traditional storage unit, Jacksonville climate controlled storage can help preserve the integrity of your fabrics making it look, feel and fit the same whenever you bring them out. Moisture fosters mildew, mold and fabric degradation.

3) Home Appliances.

Household appliances like vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, gas cookers, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers need to be protected from extreme cold and heat. Rust can cause extensive damage to these items preventing them from functioning properly. With climate controlled units, you can rest assured that your appliances will last for a long time in a good working condition.

4) Artworks and Photos

Artworks and photos need to be stored in climate controlled units to avoid dust, mold and moisture damage. Artworks are special collections and can be viewed as an investment. The recommended temperature for artworks between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Unnecessary exposure to sunlight, heat, and humidity can quickly make the appearance of your paintings, family photos and craft supplies dull and unappealing.

5) Medical and Pharmaceutical Products

Besides keeping pharmaceutical products in good condition, a good storage facility helps to protect these items from rodents and bugs. Pharmaceutical products cost money, so why would you want to use an inferior storage unit to preserve them?

6) Wine

Wine collectors invest a lot of money and time growing their wine collections. Temperature fluctuations, however, can speed up the wine aging process, giving it an oxidized metallic taste. The best way to store wine is to keep them in place with a consistent, cool temperature of about 55-57°F.

7) Electronics

Fluctuating temperature, dust and moisture can cause damages to electronics that are kept in storage for a long time. Moisture can short circuit your DVD players, computers, computer parts, televisions, stereos and video games and cause internal parts to rust. But, with Jacksonville Climate controlled storage units, the build-up humidity and moisture can be prevented.

8) Books and Business Documents.

Books and business documents are made of paper making it easy for moisture, mold, and mildew to affect the prints. Discoloration and fading make it difficult to read the prints on a book or documents. Very often, businesses make references to old files to get valuable information. Using storage unit equipped with climate control ensures that your collections are safe.

It’s important to be familiar with the surrounding area around a storage facility and the additional services available to assist you either moving into or out of a self storage unit.
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Currently there are 34 climate controlled storage units available for rent in Jacksonville, FL. The 34 listings above show you the current real-time prices, floor level (if applicable), reviews, amenities and more. Since temperature controlled units near Jacksonville, FL requires a constant range of temperature and moisture, costs will be higher than regular storage units.

Using $1.00/sqft as a national average, the average price for a self storage unit is $3.12. This is 211.60% higher with $2.12 net increase in cost per square foot. You'll be paying more in medium to large cities as storage prices are generally higher in densely populated areas.

Based on your special storage needs, our recommendations below by popularity, price, distance, amenities, and indoor floor location may help you decide which is best for you:

If you require additional storage options, you can either refine your search on the right by location, amenities, storage sizes, or view the following 6 cities for more climate controlled options near Jacksonville: Atlantic Beach, Callahan, Fleming Island, Jacksonville Beach, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra Beach.

If you think you don't need a specific temperature controlled unit in Jacksonville, Florida consider a regular self-storage unit in Jacksonville as an alternative. If you need a bigger indoor unit to store a classic vehicle or some other previous vehicles, considering our vehicle options page: Jacksonville, FL Boat, Car, RV, Vehicle Storage.