Georgia Self Storage Facilities - Average Pricing by Unit Size

Self-storage in Georgia is a popular option for residents and businesses looking to declutter their spaces. With over 1,500 self-storage facilities scattered throughout the state, there are plenty of options for individuals in need of extra storage space. In fact, Georgia ranks among the top states in the country for the number of self-storage facilities per capita.

One interesting fact about self-storage in Georgia is that the industry has seen significant growth in recent years. In 2019, the industry generated over $330 million in revenue in the state, making it a profitable business for many investors. This growth can be attributed to the state's strong economy and population growth, which have led to an increased demand for storage units.

Another interesting aspect of self-storage in Georgia is the wide range of unit sizes and amenities offered by facilities. From small lockers to large warehouse-style units, there is a storage option to fit every need and budget. Many facilities also offer climate-controlled units, advanced security features, and convenient access hours to provide customers with a safe and convenient storage experience.

Overall, self-storage in Georgia is an essential service for many residents and businesses looking to free up space in their homes or offices. With a variety of options and amenities available, individuals can find the perfect storage solution to meet their needs. The industry's continued growth and profitability indicate that self-storage will remain a popular choice for storing belongings in Georgia for years to come.

Unit SizeAverage PriceLowest Price
5' x 5'$34.98$6.00
5' x 10'$53.12$13.00
10' x 10'$93.23$27.00
15' x 10'$123.60$20.00
20' x 10'$166.29$28.00
Pricing updated on 06/16/2024