Florida Self Storage Facilities - Average Pricing by Unit Size

Self-storage in Florida is a popular industry due to its unique climate and high population of residents who frequently move or downsize their living spaces. The state has a vast array of self-storage facilities, ranging from small mom-and-pop operations to large corporate chains with multiple locations. This competitive market has led to a wide range of options for consumers, including climate-controlled units, drive-up access, and 24-hour security.

One interesting fact about self-storage in Florida is the prevalence of boat and RV storage facilities. Given the state's abundance of lakes, rivers, and beaches, many residents own watercraft or recreational vehicles that they need to store when not in use. These specialized storage facilities typically offer larger outdoor parking spaces and amenities like electricity hookups, making them a popular choice for boat and RV owners looking to protect their investments.

Another unique aspect of self-storage in Florida is the impact of extreme weather events, such as hurricanes and tropical storms. Many facilities have developed detailed disaster preparedness plans to ensure the safety of their customers' belongings during inclement weather. Some facilities even offer hurricane-resistant units or mobile storage options that can be moved to a secure location in the event of an evacuation order.

Overall, self-storage in Florida is a vibrant and competitive industry that serves the diverse needs of its residents. With a variety of options, amenities, and specialized services available, consumers can easily find a storage solution that meets their individual needs and budget. Whether storing household items, vehicles, or prized possessions, self-storage facilities in Florida offer convenience, security, and peace of mind for customers across the state.

Unit SizeAverage PriceLowest Price
5' x 5'$52.58$5.00
5' x 10'$83.57$11.00
10' x 10'$137.09$27.00
15' x 10'$190.11$30.00
20' x 10'$247.36$39.99
Pricing updated on 06/21/2024