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Washington, D.C. exhibits 4 distinct seasons. Its climate is typical of Mid-Atlantic areas removed from bodies of water. Spring and fall are warm, while winter is cool and summers are hot and humid. With all this variation in the weather it can be difficult on your stuff. If you need to protect your belongings from the weather variability, then you may want to think about a climate controlled storage unit. Click one of the links below, or use the search box to get started!

Renting a climate controlled storage unit in District of Columbia is easy at A climate controlled storage unit is either heated or cooled to keep a certain tempurature and moisture so your precious items can be stored safely from the outside weather. Our records show we have close to 4 climate controlled facilities currently available for rent in District of Columbia. We are actively finding new climate controlled facilities to serve you, so if you are unable to find a tempurature controlled storage space in District of Columbia close to you, please contact us via phone. Since a climate controlled unit requires electricity and gas for different seasons, prices tend to be higher than a normal unit. The average storage price in District of Columbia is $2.23 sq/ft. Price is $1.23 sq/ft higher (123.00%) than the national average of $1 sq/ft. Possible high prices include higher cost of living area, limited availability, fewer competition, or higher seasonal demand. To help you find the right unit you need, simply enter a zip code close to you and we will show what options are available. Call us for any questions you may have. The number of reviewed facilities in District of Columbia is 4 out of 4, so please take a look at those reviews to help you decide if you want to rent at a specific location. is listing 1 popular city in District of Columbia to help you locate a climate controlled self storage unit faster including Washington. Each city will display the approximate number of units available within a 30 mile radius along with the average price and number of reviewed facilities.

Washington, DC: Facilities found: 62. The average heated/cooled storage price in Washington, DC is $2.39 sq/ft. The price is 139.24% higher than national average of $1 per sqft. At $2.39 sq/ft, we recommend you sort out only the items you need climate controlled storage for, and the rest can be stored in a regular unit. Low competition, high utility bills, high seasonal demand, or fewer availability are possible factors to higher prices in Washington. Number of specific climate controlled facilities reviewed in Washington: 36 out of 62 (58.06%). Remember to read those reviews from current and former renters for more information.

Climate controlled is a special kind of storage unit, so if we do not have any locations listed close to you, we recommend you give us a call so we can help you out. As always, please remember to carefully handle your items when you rent a climate controlled storage unit in District of Columbia. Good luck.

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