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Apart from our home, our RV, car or boat is usually the biggest investment we make. While is definitely easier to leave it out on the street, that probably isn’t the best way to keep it safe. If you want to keep that beautiful showroom-new shine—even with the unpredictable D.C. climate—then high quality vehicle storage may be in your future. Start your search for vehicle storage in DC in the search box above or on the list below.

If you need additional space to park your boat, car, RV, truck, or any other type of vehicle, visit and find a location which allows you to park your vehicle either indoors or outdoors. Our records show we have about 0 locations available to park your vehicle in District of Columbia. We have no facilities at this moment online, so please check back later or call us to reserve a space today.One tip to remember is there are indoor units and outdoor units. Indoor units may or may not have climate controlled units while outdoor may or may not have a tent cover. If you are going to store your vehicle outdoors, please remember that weather damage to your vehicle is possible and is designed for short term storage. Long term we recommend your vehicle be parked indoors.Unfortunately, We don't have statewide vehicle pricing information in District of Columbia at this time. Please check back later. now includes 1 popular city in District of Columbia to help with your vehicle storage including Washington. Each city will list number of facilities available to park your vehicle, the average price, and reviewed facilities.

Washington, DC: Facilities available to park vehicle: 19. The average storage price to store your vehicle in Washington, DC is $1.03 sq/ft. The price is $0.03 higher which is 2.79% compared to the national average of $1 per sqft. If you need an indoor unit to store your vehicle, please measure your vehicle size to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Number of vehicle storage facilities reviewed in Washington: 6 out of 19 (31.58%). Reviews are from current and former renters.

Whether you need to store your vehicle short or long term, has all the infomation you need. With most available local prices displayed on our site, we know you will find a good deal when you need it. As always, if you have any questions about storing your vehicle, please do not hesitate to call us.

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