Business Storage The use of self storage is a not only a convenient and affordable storage solution for individuals and families, but also beneficial for businesses looking for corporate storage. Commercial storage is the perfect solution when deciding what to do with the extra files and documents you don't use on a daily basis. Corporate storage is the perfect way to free up valuable office space. Maybe you are expanding too fast or you are downsizing to a small building for a few months.

Since most offices have not switched over to paperless records, keeping office storage helps to reduce clutter around the office. Some businesses reduce their office space to the bare minimum, placing mobile equipment, office files, business records, manufacturer's samples, seasonal decorations, theatrical scenery and any additional supplies in corporate storage. Anything that isn't used on a daily basis can be kept in one location that has easy and convenient to access.

Businesses use corporate storage for various reasons, the most common uses includes:
  1. Archiving documents, files and paperwork
  2. Expanding your business without expanding your premises
  3. Storing unused office furniture or equipment to free up office space
  4. A temporary home for office supplies during a transition to a new building
Businesses that benefit from commercial storage:
  1. Archive documents and other important files
  2. Product storage
  3. Storage of office furniture
  4. Retail or estaurant storage
  5. Storage of imported and exported goods
  6. Small businesses with overstock
  7. Storage of seasonal items
  8. Tradeshow storage
  9. Pharmaceutical samples
  10. Medical and legal records
  11. Mobile business equipment storage
  12. Home office storage
Files, Records and Documents Storage Tips
  • Books should be stored flat to protect their spines
  • Documents should be housed in boxes or packing cartons, to save space and offer the best protection for your archives
  • Label the boxes with the contents so they will be easier to retrieve
  • Use packing materials to fill boxes to capacity, so their contents do not shift during the move
  • Boxes should be stacked from heaviest to lightest, with the lighter boxes on top to prevent collapse of those underneath
Electrical Equipment
  • Electrical equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and dried before it is stored to prevent moisture from gathering inside
Metal Items
  • Metal items also need to be cleaned and dried before they are stored
  • Items prone to rust can be wiped down with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil to prevent rust
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