• How to Store Watches You Treasure

    How to Store Watches

    Your grandfather’s watch is a keepsake. It migrated from his wrist to your father’s bedside table or safe deposit box. When you look at it you are reminded of cherished memories. You don’t want to wear it, or, God forbid, to lose it! How do you keep that watch in good condition while you’re storing it? Don’t worry, watch storage is easy and you’ll find that common sense has a lot to do with it. (more…)

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  • Baseball Card Storage Tips

    25 April 2015 by
    Baseball card storage

    There’s a reason a large number of people stubbornly hold onto the idea that The Sandlot was one of the greatest movies ever made. There are a few things you should never take away from a boy, no matter how old he gets. Right after a boy and his dog comes a boy and his baseball cards. There’s a special passion and love that comes with collecting cards of your favorite players or teams. Many collections not only represent valuable collectibles that are worth money, but they also represent countless hours of time, study, and dedication to building and maintaining the collection. There’s just something personally devastating about finding out some or all of your cards have been damaged.


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