• A Brief History of the Self Storage Industry

    12 December 2015 by
    self storage industry

    As Derek Naylor, president of Storage Marketing Solutions, says, ““Human laziness has always been a big friend of self-storage operators.”

    The self storage industry has been around since the ‘60s Texas, mid-nineteenth century Britain, 750 BC Roman Empire, or 4,000 BC ancient China—depending on where you get your info from. (more…)

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  • Is Auction Hunters Canceled?

    1 December 2015 by
    auction hunters canceled

    When it comes to Spike TV’s reality show Auction Hunters, there is a lot of drama, intrigue, mystery, and quarrels—and that’s before they call “action!” Never mind what happens on the show; people want to know what’s happening with the show.

    Rumors have been flying around for the last two years about whether this storage auction reality show was off the air for good or not. Much like the 1980 catchphrase about Dallas, “Who shot J.R.?” fans have been trolling the Internet asking, “Is Auction Hunters canceled?” (more…)

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  • Let’s Go Shopping at eBay’s Dave Hester Store

    Dave Hester store on eBay.

    Everybody loves a bargain. If you’re like me, you’ve looked at a garage sale item and instantaneously gone from “Oh, this is so cute…” to “This is worth serious dough. I’ll sell it on eBay!”

    Then something inside you triggers your Inner Negotiator. The item is marked $10 but you find yourself yelling, “I’ll give you three dollars! THREE DOLLARS!”

    Three dollars it is, and the garage sale host thanks you cordially and tells you to have a nice day, preferably somewhere else.


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  • Storage TV Shows: Why So Popular?


    With all the different reality TV shows on the boob tube these days, there’s no longer a reason to pick up a book or take a stroll outdoors. And why would you when you can watch herds of men fight over one bachelorette, tone-deaf hopefuls sing for the chance to be idolized, or rich socialites do absolutely nothing?  (more…)

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  • The Reality Behind Abandoned Storage Unit Auctions

    abandoned storage unit auctions

    Have you watched the storage auction reality shows and wondered if they are truly depicting ‘reality’? Are there treasures locked behind those steel doors that could turn a bidder into a rich man? John Cordoza, owner of Storage Auction Experts has been in the business for over 30 years. He has seen a little bit of everything during those years.

    “It’s a gamble,” Cordoza admits. He auctioned off one unit in Vallejo, California to a high bid of $9,100. That’s a lot of money to gamble on a storage unit, but it paid off. An insurance appraisal of the total contents of art pieces, vintage comic books and a baseball card collection came in at 1.5 million dollars. (more…)

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  • Bidding on Storage and Shipping Container Auctions


    Television shows like Storage Wars and Auction Hunters have brought the spotlight to an aspect of the storage industry that most viewers weren’t aware of prior to their debut – the auctioning off of unclaimed contents. With this type of media exposure, the attendance at these auctions is growing. Having seen some of the treasures that have been uncovered in unassuming storage units, the hope of ‘hitting the jackpot’ draws in new bidders.


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  • Scrap Metal Auctions: What You Need To Know


    If you’d like to take on a fun hobby that will allow you to retire a wealthy man or woman at a young age, then buying and selling scrap metal is not the answer. If you routinely listen to Judas Priest, Metallica, and Black Sabbath, then you should know that you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you enjoy hanging out at storage facilities and scrap yards and could use some extra cash to fund your coffeehouse-chain-based-in-Seattle habit, then welcome!

    Here are a few things about scrap metal auctions that you…well, you don’t really need to know anything about scrap metal auctions…that you may want to peruse, shall we say, as you sip your Venti Vanilla Half-Caff Mocha with Whip. (more…)

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