• Seasonal Storing: When To Start Storing The Summer Gear and Preparing For Fall

    You yank down your surgical mask, pull on your industrial strength rubber nitrile gloves, say a quick Hail Mary, and reach into your kid’s backpack. You can actually hear the Jaws theme in your head. Inside the dumpster-scented bag you find the homework assignment from last spring he swore he completed and a lunch bag that now qualifies for a science experiment.

    “There has to be a better way to store stuff at the end of a season,” you mutter. And you’re right. Why wait until October 30th to scurry around trying to find your Halloween decorations while at the same time trying to get the scuba equipment and banana hammocks out of the way? Of course, if your husband wears a banana hammock, you probably have much bigger issues to deal with….

    Just because you were always the kid who began his 2,500-word essay the night before, doesn’t mean that you can’t get a head start on storing the summer gear and preparing for fall.

    1. What’s coming out of storage for the winter?

    That’s right, go to your storage unit and assess what goodies are coming out of hibernation before you try to cram all your summer gear into it. Believe us, we’ve seen people load up their storage units first and then try to remove the stuff they want second. Don’t be that guy. Organization and planning are your allies when it comes to seasonal storage.

    2. Make a list of summer items in August.


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