• Sports Card Storage 101

    21 November 2015 by

    sports card storage

    If you’re like me, you’ve never wondered how to properly store sports cards. Any cards in my possession always wound up tucked into my bicycle wheel spokes until they fell out somewhere along the way, lost and forgotten forever.

    On the other hand, if you are actually a sports card aficionado, then you probably already know what good sports card storage entails. So this article is basically for the three people who have accidentally amassed a sports card collection from all those packs of Topps Chewing Gum and don’t know what to do with them. (more…)

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  • Kitchen Storage For Small Spaces

    27 October 2015 by
    kitchen storage

    There’s nothing worse than a minuscule kitchen and an addiction to fancy culinary gadgets. Ok, there are worse things, like earthquakes and severed limbs and line-ups at your local Starbucks. But just for the sake of argument, let’s say there’s nothing worse than a small kitchen.

    Your choices are: move to a bigger house, increase the size of your kitchen, or come up with some creative ways to store your gastronomic gizmos. If you don’t have the credit score for a bigger house and your apartment lease forbids you to expand into your neighbor’s home, then creative hacks are your only choice.

    Here are 6 resourceful kitchen storage unit ideas: (more…)

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  • Types of TV Storage Units

    22 October 2015 by
    tv storage units

    You finally did it. You got rid of that Zenith B&W Console TV with the rabbit ears and dial channel changer (remote control? what’s that?) that you’ve had since the Supremes first signed with Motown Records and joined the 21st century.

    Your brand new Samsung Ultra HD 4K flat screen TV rocks the hell out of your living room and has garnered you a whole new group of “friends,” but unlike the Zenith, it doesn’t come with a built-in storage unit. Why does that matter, you may ask? Not only does a TV storage unit keep your $800-dollar television free from dust and other damaging elements, but it’s a great place to store related electronics like an A/V receiver or your entire Seinfeld DVD collection.

    So here is a list of the most common types of TV storage units: (more…)

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  • Who Is Matt Paxton?

    matt paxton

    Depending on who you ask, Matt Paxton is either a Canadian folk singer or an extreme cleaning specialist on the A&E reality TV show Hoarders. (more…)

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  • Who Is Julie Morgenstern?

    julie morgenstern

    If you’ve never heard of Julie Morgenstern, chances are you’ve been living under a giant pile of clutter for the past twenty-five years. According to her, she is “an internationally renowned organizing and time management expert, New York Times best-selling author, consultant and speaker.” She is best known for her organizing books Organizing From the Inside Out and Time Management From the Inside Out, as well as her monthly column “Getting Organized” in O, The Oprah Magazine. (more…)

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  • Organization Tips: Make More of Your Garage Space

    5 September 2015 by

    You will seldom find a garage that serves only as a shelter for vehicles. Our garages often serve as storage areas for lawn care equipment, sports equipment, gardening supplies and any excess items that haven’t found a spot inside the home. In addition, your garage is often used as a work area and includes the various hand and power tools you use on your projects, whether vehicle related or not. Some of our garages have gotten so filled with other ‘stuff’ that we don’t even have room for our vehicles any more.

    Do you need to get rid of the things filling your garage? Should you rent a storage unit to keep it in? Both of those suggestions may have some merit, depending on your particular situation. Before you go to either of those extremes, why not just try making better use of the garage space you have? Organizational experts like Angelica Holiday from Organize Rescue have found that often times the issue isn’t too much stuff. Many homeowners just need to learn how utilize their storage space better, to make it more efficient.

    Develop Storage Zones

    Holiday suggests by creating zones for storing related items. This helps to maintain an organizational system. Everyone can quickly learn that all the sporting equipment can be found in one area of the garage and that is the same area it should be returned to. Lawn and garden tools and supplies are kept in another area. Occasional use items like holiday decorations and that big roaster you only use for large family gatherings can be kept in another area.

    Get It Off the Floor

    You generally are limited on floor space in a garage. They are designed to fit vehicles and allow for space to open doors, but don’t always have a lot of extra floor space on either side. If you do have some extra floor space, it will generally be along the wall that is opposite the overhead door. The solution, of course, is to use wall space for your storage areas.

    “Hooks and hangers are a plenty at hardware stores,” Holiday reminds us. “Overhead storage bins are a super place for things you don’t have to get to on a regular basis.”

    Hang bikes and sporting items on the walls. Garden tools can be kept neat and easily accessible in the same way. Pegboard has been the go-to item for tool organization for decades. Everything has its place and is easy to find at the same time. Add labels or draw a silhouette around each tool to be sure that each item gets returned to its designated spot.

    Shelves placed high up on the end wall will work perfect for bins filled with holiday decorations, craft supplies, the tent and sleeping bags. Anything that doesn’t need to be accessed frequently and isn’t too heavy. Label the outside of your bins with large lettering so it is easy to determine what is in each one without taking it down and opening it. Using clear bins can also help solve the problem of identification.

    For those smaller things and items you might want locked away, narrow cabinets can be placed below the shelves with a work counter on top. Keep fasteners, paints and hand tools put away and out of site.

    It just takes a little thoughtful planning, and you will find that you have a lot more storage space available in your garage than you realize. Plus, plenty of room to park your vehicles too.


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  • What Peter Walsh Can Teach Us About National Donut Day


    In case you weren’t aware of it, today is National Donut Day—or National Doughnut Day if you’re British, Canadian, or were fans of the ring-shaped, deep-fried cake treat before Dunkin’ Donuts popularized the shorter spelling of this word.

    This day is observed on the first Friday of June primarily in the U.S., although in recent years other countries keen to hop on board this artery-clogging celebration have been participating. If you’re thinking that this is a fantastic marketing ploy by donut shops, you’d be wrong. Apparently Donut Day was created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the men and women who served donuts to soldiers during the First World War. In fact, it was only after adding a clause promising to serve donuts and coffee at every meeting that the League of Nations was formally established. Or so rumor has it….

    So what does professional organizer Peter Walsh have to do with donuts? Well, Walsh is a master at helping people declutter and organize their homes and lives, and the donut is a master at helping people eat delicious treats. So here’s what Peter Walsh can teach us about National Donut Day:  (more…)

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  • 6 Apps That Will Help You Declutter and Organize Your Life

    20602590_lThere’s nothing worse than meeting a guy (or a girl), going through the natural sequence of events from casual coffee date to dolled-up dinner date, deciding that you really like him, and then…seeing his apartment. Yikes! Did he forget to clean up after the last earthquake?

    While you can’t change another person (believe me, if you could then all my friends would be George Clooney), you can certainly steer them in the right direction. One way to do that is to call in an anonymous tip to the police directing them to your ex’s trailer. But a less witness-protection-programmy way is to simply download these apps onto their phone when they’re not looking. Come to think of it, the police may be knocking on your door if you do that….

    In any case, here are 6 apps that will help you declutter and organize your life—or the life of someone you would like to date when certain health-code criteria are met:  (more…)

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  • Give Your Closet a Once-over


    Has your closet become so cluttered that it’s easier to throw things on the floor in front of it than to untangle what’s inside? Have you gotten into the habit of hanging hangers on other hangers, because there’s just not enough room? And whatever happened to that one sweater you really, really loved… either your sister “borrowed” it or it’s in there, somewhere.

    There’s really nothing like a visit to the closet section of a specialty store to strike down my self-esteem. My closets have never looked like that—full of designer-made white cotton shirts, each on a beautifully polished wooden hanger. C’mon, who lives that way? No one I know. I mean, we have lives to lead. And we need a quick once-over to take back our closets.


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  • How to Clean Your Kitchen


    Have you ever felt like throwing every dish you own out the window? Maybe you’ve got too many dishes in the sink (so many that you’d rather just start over with new ones), or just had a really bad cooking experience, or even a breakup. Sometimes starting fresh seems like the only option in life and especially in the kitchen.

    Take a step back, my friend, and close the window. You can clean your kitchen, and even organize it, with a few really easy steps.


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