• Picture Moving Boxes For Your Gold-Framed Jesus


    Your great Aunt Cornelia finally kicked the bucket and you showed up at the reading of the will teary-eyed, heavy-hearted, and open-handed. Sure you loved her, but if you’re honest with yourself, you loved her 10-bedroom, 5-bathroom estate more. But you were always kind to her, so you’re hoping that she returns the favor from the beyond.

    She bequeathed you her entire art collection, from the gold-framed Jesus to the velvet van Gogh. Turns out ol’ Cornelia was one color short of a full palette when she referred to her paintings as “priceless.” Yeah—as in zero dollars. Even so, you’re pretty sure you can sell them to a guy you know who’s an underground art dealer. Literally. He lives in the subway system.  (more…)

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  • 5 Ways Self Storage Can Make Your Move Go Smoothly


    There’s nothing quite as exciting as moving in to a new home. Whether it’s because you got a job in another town, are moving in with the man or woman of your dreams, or “accidentally” burned down your previous house, the idea of a fresh start is full of promise. (Even more so if you were also assigned a new name and passport.) (more…)

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  • Choosing the Right Moving Box Sizes

    Moving Box Sizes

    For a move that is well organized and provides the greatest protection to your belongings, choosing the right moving box sizes is an important consideration.

    Thankfully, you are not dependent upon the random box sizes you might find at your local food market or liquor store. You can buy just the sizes and assortment of moving boxes you need from packing supply stores, moving companies and many self-storage companies. Choosing the right type of moving boxes for the items you are packing will make your move, and especially your unpacking, go much smoother. (more…)

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  • After the Move: What to Do with All Those Boxes?

    Cool ideas for recycling moving boxes.

    Just when you thought the move was over and done with, you turn a corner and see a big pile of moving boxes. Some may be in pristine condition, others may have barely survived the move. And it’s been three weeks now! Don’t despair—here’s everything you need to know about recycling moving boxes.


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  • Going Green for Your Move

    Going Green

    You purchase environmentally friendly products for your home. You support companies that are Earth conscious. You certainly don’t want to overlook this commitment to going green for your move. You’ll find that there are many ways to apply earth-friendly strategies to your packing and moving. Start with how you prepare for the move and then apply your green philosophy to the move itself, and even, to the final stage of unpacking and settling into your new home.

    Experts in the moving industry have provided us with some of their best tips for keeping your moving experience as environmentally friendly as possible. (more…)

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  • Cheap and Easy Ways To Go Green With Your Storage Unit


    Drink an entire bottle of Peach Schnapps. Go sailing in rough waters. Develop hypochromic anemia (or chlorosis if you live in the 19th century). Wear tarnishing silver jewelry. These are all excellent ways to go green, but that’s not what we’re talking about. This article is about making your storage unit more eco-friendly to do your part in saving the planet. Kind of like a superhero.  (more…)

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  • What to Do With Moving Boxes After the Move

    Moving Boxes

    All the boxes are finally empty. You’ve finally gotten everything unpacked. You have found a place to store or display all your possessions. There is only one thing left to deal with – what to do with all those moving boxes.

    Do you just throw them away? Of course not! There are plenty of other options for handling these leftovers from the move. (more…)

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  • Choose the Right Packing Materials for the Job

    packing materials

    Packing for a move is never a fun job. At the same time, spending a little extra time to do the job right can mean the difference between preserving your valuables and opening a box of broken fragments when you arrive. It is important to know how to properly pack your boxes and the appropriate packing materials to use for different items. (more…)

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