• Moving Tips

    26 March 2010 by

    Here are some quick safety tips to remember when moving your items from your home into Little Rock self storage:

    • When reserving a moving truck, the truck should be large enough to fit 10-15% more items than you had originally planned for. Just in case you find some extra things laying around that you want to place into your Little Rock storage unit.
    • Start by loading the largest and heaviest items onto the truck first, placing them in an upright position, balancing out both sides of the truck. Load from heaviest to lightest, placing the lighter items on top.
    • When using a dolly to unload items from the moving truck into your Little Rock storage unit, go backwards and have someone follow behind you to make sure things don’t fall off. Also don’t overload the dolly, if you are unable to safety unload the dolly from the truck remove some items and take several trips.
    • Drawers can be left in the furniture to make more room for other items and protect them during transportation. If you used the drawers of larger pieces of furniture to pack in, remove the drawers before unloading and loading the dresser, cabinets or desks. This will make the unpacking this items easier and lighter.
    • Place your fragile belongings in the moving truck last, to protect them from rolling around during transport.
    • The use of pillows, towels, blankets sofa cushions as padding in-between and around fragile items will prevent items from shifting.
    • Furniture padding and mattress pads can also be used to protect items from tearing or scratching during the move.

    Remember to use your judgment when loading and unloading, if an object is too heavy for you to move on your own wait until another person can assist you in moving the item from the truck into your Little Rock storage unit.

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