• The Advantages of Being an Ex-pat

    38428504_lEx-pat as in ex-patriot, not as in ex-sexually ambiguous Saturday Night Live character.

    An expatriate is someone who resides in a country other than the one in which they have citizenship. For many people, the thought of living anywhere but on their native soil is inconceivable, but this is only because they haven’t given it some serious consideration. And why would you, when you are busy with more important things in your life, like taking a selfie of your awesome abs, sending mean letters to pregnant meteorologists, and creating a color-coded excel spreadsheet to help you stop wasting your time.

    Here are the advantages of being an ex-pat:  (more…)

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  • 3 Steps to Take After the Holiday Toy Avalanche

    25 December 2014 by

    Presents have been opened. Bags of wrapping paper are waiting to be thrown out. You meant to reorganize before the holidays, but then the holidays happened. And now you have new toys, old toys, and everything in between.

    Fear not. You have not missed the opportunity to find your floor and restore order to your home. Take these simple steps after the holiday madness dies down and reclaim the corners of your home. (more…)

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  • Become a Wrapping Warrior this Holiday Season

    28 November 2014 by

    You know the drill. Every year it’s the same. You can’t find the 200-pack of bows you bought the year before. Wrapping paper you counted on reusing has been crinkled and torn during the year of storage. Tape has mysteriously vanished from the house. And then finally you organize your supplies and have hours of back breaking folding, tucking and taping to do.

    This year, overcome the holiday wrapping horrors by creating a fully functional wrapping station that allows you to sort, store and secure all of the present trimmings that make your gifts look gorgeous. (more…)

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  • The 5 Best Places to Hide a Holiday Gift

    24 November 2014 by

    Maybe you have a snooping spouse. Perhaps your kids are getting craftier the older they become. Regardless of who your recipients are and what you’ve bought them, finding good places to hide those little treasures can become trickier every year.

    Closets, under the bed compartments and car trunks are too obvious. This season, make your loved ones wonder if you even bought them anything by stowing their presents in these epic hiding spots. (more…)

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  • Holiday Decoration Storage 101: Christmas Trees and Ornaments

    11 November 2014 by

    Whether you’re into fake trees or the real thing, these living room centerpieces bring as much trouble as they do joy. From trying to fit all the right pieces together year after year to testing tangled twinkle lights, Christmas trees come with a lot of work. But proper storage can often be a thrown together process that puts your troubles on repeat for the next year.

    As a part of our series on holiday decoration storage, we want to give you a head start on planning out the best way to take care of your tree and its accessories. (more…)

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  • Holiday Decoration Storage 101: Labeling and Stowing

    10 November 2014 by

    As the holiday season approaches and you dust off decorations you may be suffering some seasonal storage stress. When the holiday season wrapped up last year, the rush to do away with the winter décor likely left you with a disaster to unearth this time around.

    This week, we’ll be giving away our top holiday decoration storage tips so that this is the last year you’ll face a mountainous mess of twinkle lights and snow globes. (more…)

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