• Storage TV Shows: Why So Popular?


    With all the different reality TV shows on the boob tube these days, there’s no longer a reason to pick up a book or take a stroll outdoors. And why would you when you can watch herds of men fight over one bachelorette, tone-deaf hopefuls sing for the chance to be idolized, or rich socialites do absolutely nothing?  (more…)

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  • Clutter Movie: Hoarding or Horror?


    Ever since the last of the great horror films—no, not Hot Tub Time Machine; The Shining (1980)—filmmakers have been desperately trying to scare the pants off movie-goers. They’ve been largely unsuccessful (unless you count the frighteningly high price of a movie ticket these days) and the reason is fear of the unknown. In other words, what scares us most is that which we can’t see, control or anonymously criticize on Twitter. Once the monster has come out of the closet (literally, that is, not as a homosexual metaphor), it no longer has the same power over us. Well, more or less. Those yappy little Chihuahuas still get me every time.

    The 2013 independent film Clutter picks up where The Shining left off. (more…)

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  • Hoarding: More Than a TV Show


    Hoarding may be a fascinating phenomenon that keeps us glued to the TV, but it can also be a very real and serious struggle.

    While reality TV shows like “Hoarders” publicize some of the worst of the worst hoarding cases, the individuals featured are not the only ones who affected by hoarding disorders.

    Melinda Massie, owner of Ft.Worth, Texas based Organization with a Side of Fabulous said she works with all levels of clutter, including rehabilitating hoarders. (more…)

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