• 5 Facts About Peter Walsh

    25 October 2015 by
    peter walsh

    Unless you’ve been trapped in your own over-cluttered garage for the last decade, you’ve probably heard of Peter Walsh. An expert in “organizational design” (i.e. getting that crap out of your house), he not only has his own show about organizing, but a line of products at OfficeMax, too! His success has a lot to do with his psychological background, which has helped him see that de-cluttering is less about the material goods and more about the psychology behind the thing.

    In case you have just freed yourself from that disaster zone of a garage, here are 5 facts about Peter Walsh to keep you up to date: (more…)

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  • Who Is Julie Morgenstern?

    julie morgenstern

    If you’ve never heard of Julie Morgenstern, chances are you’ve been living under a giant pile of clutter for the past twenty-five years. According to her, she is “an internationally renowned organizing and time management expert, New York Times best-selling author, consultant and speaker.” She is best known for her organizing books Organizing From the Inside Out and Time Management From the Inside Out, as well as her monthly column “Getting Organized” in O, The Oprah Magazine. (more…)

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  • Clutter Movie: Hoarding or Horror?


    Ever since the last of the great horror films—no, not Hot Tub Time Machine; The Shining (1980)—filmmakers have been desperately trying to scare the pants off movie-goers. They’ve been largely unsuccessful (unless you count the frighteningly high price of a movie ticket these days) and the reason is fear of the unknown. In other words, what scares us most is that which we can’t see, control or anonymously criticize on Twitter. Once the monster has come out of the closet (literally, that is, not as a homosexual metaphor), it no longer has the same power over us. Well, more or less. Those yappy little Chihuahuas still get me every time.

    The 2013 independent film Clutter picks up where The Shining left off. (more…)

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  • Lose Your Stuff, Change Your Life: Decluttering Tips

    Decluttering tips for a beautiful home.

    Oh, clutter: how you taunt me! Little stacks of good intentions everywhere. I wanted to do something, see something, or save something, and it turned into something else. Now I have piles of paperwork, boxes and boxes of DIY craft supplies, and not one or two but three staplers.

    Somehow, while I was living my life and planning a streamlined future, I got my hands on too much stuff. When things began to pile up, I bought really cool containers for all my things. Then came the color-coded storage boxes. I even made some DIY containers. Still, I look around and all I can see is more stuff. What to do?


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  • What Peter Walsh Can Teach Us About National Donut Day


    In case you weren’t aware of it, today is National Donut Day—or National Doughnut Day if you’re British, Canadian, or were fans of the ring-shaped, deep-fried cake treat before Dunkin’ Donuts popularized the shorter spelling of this word.

    This day is observed on the first Friday of June primarily in the U.S., although in recent years other countries keen to hop on board this artery-clogging celebration have been participating. If you’re thinking that this is a fantastic marketing ploy by donut shops, you’d be wrong. Apparently Donut Day was created by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the men and women who served donuts to soldiers during the First World War. In fact, it was only after adding a clause promising to serve donuts and coffee at every meeting that the League of Nations was formally established. Or so rumor has it….

    So what does professional organizer Peter Walsh have to do with donuts? Well, Walsh is a master at helping people declutter and organize their homes and lives, and the donut is a master at helping people eat delicious treats. So here’s what Peter Walsh can teach us about National Donut Day:  (more…)

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  • 6 Apps That Will Help You Declutter and Organize Your Life

    20602590_lThere’s nothing worse than meeting a guy (or a girl), going through the natural sequence of events from casual coffee date to dolled-up dinner date, deciding that you really like him, and then…seeing his apartment. Yikes! Did he forget to clean up after the last earthquake?

    While you can’t change another person (believe me, if you could then all my friends would be George Clooney), you can certainly steer them in the right direction. One way to do that is to call in an anonymous tip to the police directing them to your ex’s trailer. But a less witness-protection-programmy way is to simply download these apps onto their phone when they’re not looking. Come to think of it, the police may be knocking on your door if you do that….

    In any case, here are 6 apps that will help you declutter and organize your life—or the life of someone you would like to date when certain health-code criteria are met:  (more…)

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  • The Advantages of Being an Ex-pat

    38428504_lEx-pat as in ex-patriot, not as in ex-sexually ambiguous Saturday Night Live character.

    An expatriate is someone who resides in a country other than the one in which they have citizenship. For many people, the thought of living anywhere but on their native soil is inconceivable, but this is only because they haven’t given it some serious consideration. And why would you, when you are busy with more important things in your life, like taking a selfie of your awesome abs, sending mean letters to pregnant meteorologists, and creating a color-coded excel spreadsheet to help you stop wasting your time.

    Here are the advantages of being an ex-pat:  (more…)

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  • Thoughtful Housewarming Gift Ideas

    34008449_lIt happens with alarming regularity and always out of the blue—your friend moves into a new house, apartment, or extended-stay motel and you receive the dreaded housewarming invitation. What on earth do you get for the guy who hoards everything?

    You suspect his monthly moves have something to do with that nice photo of him hanging on the wall at the post office, or maybe it’s just his way of getting new stuff whenever his household items break down, but whatever the reason, you’re going to have to think outside the moving box for some thoughtful housewarming gift ideas. (more…)

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  • Selling 101: The Best Places to Sell Your Stuff


    “I bet I could sell this.” An excellent idea or famous last words?

    You have a lot of stuff. There’s no shame in that. One of the fastest growing sectors of real estate is public storage. That means that you are not alone! We all have stuff—the things that we can’t quite throw away, that will someday find a home, or that we are sure could be “worth something.” It may be a set of baseball cards, some fine crystal or even Dad’s old saxophone… it seems valuable, so we hold onto it. It moves from dorm room to first apartment, perhaps to a friend’s basement for a while, and finally to storage. It’s definitely safe and sound, but why not take the big leap and sell it?


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  • Is your home suffering from wall clutter?

    7 January 2015 by

    Clutter can happen in any (and every) corner of your home. The most obvious places where it builds up are drawers, closets, garages and pretty much any other place considered a storage space.

    But one big space cluttering your home may be less obvious.

    Your walls.

    Yes, your walls. Maybe you’ve acclimated to it. Maybe you’re choosing to ignore it. Either way, the vertical space in your home could be overrun and taking away from a more sleek appearance your living space could have.

    Family photos, artwork, shelving, diplomas and wall accents can tend to pile up over the years, especially ones with sentimental value, and the hanging items could be giving your house a disorderly appearance.

    Create a fresh and clean environment without giving up all of your treasures using these tips from professional organizers.

    Go Big

    Do you have dozens of 4×6 photos framed or a collection of tiny trinkets hung throughout your house? Though you may be able to treasure dozens of moments at once, those tiny treasures could be giving your home a messy look.

    “When it comes to hanging things on walls many times less is more. Instead of lots of smaller family pictures, you can have a few of your favorites blown up on canvas and hang them for greater impact,” says Dawn Falcone a professional organizer and interior designer.

    It may be hard to say goodbye to each little image, but if you actually notice your photos more, it’s worth clearing the space and creating a more eye catching look.

    Go Digital

    If you simply can’t part with each of the photos decking your halls, there is another solution.

    “One thing I like to do is to mount an electric photo frame so the pictures can flip on a regular basis and you have the white space around it to allow you to enjoy what you are viewing. If the person has the funds and poorer eyesight mounting a flat panel TV can do the same thing, with a much larger size,” says Maria Spetalnik of Conquer the Clutter.

    Digital photo frames are an affordable solution that will allow you to actually display more photos with a cleaner look.

    One of the most chaotic elements of hanging multiple frames is keeping them all straightened. With a digital photo frame, you only have one piece to keep level.

    Go Zoned

    Sometimes the problem is the wall itself. You may have great items to hang, but are struggling with how and where to hang them. Angelica Holiday of Organize Rescue recommends a zoned approach.

    “A large wall can be very intimidating. Break it into zones to create 3 intimate spaces. Grids with repeating patterns are a way to graphically set your frames in order. On the other hand, use smaller images and group them together in a cozy layout. People will be drawn to each area as a work of art,” says Holiday.

    Instead of thinking of each little piece as individuals, break your wall into zones and feature collections in the different areas.

    Instead of cleaning out drawers and clearing off shelves, take your organizing to the walls. Find the beauty in your home by reducing the clutter among your hung items.

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