• Is Auction Hunters Canceled?

    1 December 2015 by
    auction hunters canceled

    When it comes to Spike TV’s reality show Auction Hunters, there is a lot of drama, intrigue, mystery, and quarrels—and that’s before they call “action!” Never mind what happens on the show; people want to know what’s happening with the show.

    Rumors have been flying around for the last two years about whether this storage auction reality show was off the air for good or not. Much like the 1980 catchphrase about Dallas, “Who shot J.R.?” fans have been trolling the Internet asking, “Is Auction Hunters canceled?” (more…)

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  • Haff Ton Pawn Shop: Fact or Fiction?

    haff ton pawn shop

    If you haven’t watched television in the last five years, congratulations! Your brain cells are probably still intact. Also, if you haven’t watched a lot of TV then you might not have heard of Haff Ton Pawn Shop. But even for those who have, the question remains: is the Haff Ton Pawn Shop fact or fiction? (more…)

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  • Auction Hunters Cast: 4 Memorable Characters

    1 November 2015 by
    auction hunters cast

    Auction Hunters is a reality TV show about the exciting world of storage auctions—from bidding on abandoned units to appraising the loot to selling the goods—and the only thing that differentiates it from all the other reality shows about storage auctions is that it’s on Spike TV, not A&E. The stars of this show are Allen Lee Haff and Clinton “Ton” Jones, but there are other members of the cast whose names are not as well-known….until now.

    Here are the four most memorable characters of the Auction Hunters cast: (more…)

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  • Is Auction Hunters Fake or Bona Fide?

    auction hunters fake

    Auction Hunters is a popular reality television show from Spike TV about storage unit auctions. The series follows Allen Haff and Clinton Jones as they attend storage auctions, bid on various units, and then sell the (hopefully valuable) goods to antique and collectible stores. It’s similar to A&E’s Storage Wars reality TV show, starring Dan and Laura Dotson, and Dave Hester.

    Since Haff and Clinton find valuable treasures in every show—guns, arcade games, and gramophones in mint condition, but never any moldy mattresses, old clothes, or cassette tapes in crappy, unusable condition—and even with my limited knowledge of math I know that can’t possibly happen 100% of the time, it’s possible that the show is just edited to preserve the most exciting storage auctions for broadcast.

    So this begs the question: is Auction Hunters fake or bona fide? (more…)

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