• Moving from a House to an Apartment: 7-Step Checklist

    Into an apartment.

    Call it “streamlining,” “downsizing” or even “voluntary simplicity”—no matter how you describe it, moving from a house to an apartment is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of planning and a sturdy tape measure. Perhaps most important, it requires imagination: the ability to see great things in small spaces.

    Even thinking about moving from a house to an apartment can be overwhelming. Unless you’re moving from a small house to a penthouse, you’ll have less space in your new environment. But small spaces don’t have to feel cramped or be cluttered. With the right planning, you can measure once and sell or store the rest. Here’s a handy checklist.


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  • What’s the Best Time to Rent an Apartment?

    The best time to rent an apartment.

    A new apartment: it’s a brand new beginning, a blank slate, and it’s full of opportunity. You’ll meet new neighbors, explore the local hotspots and—who knows—you may love your new place so much that you choose to call it “home” for the next chapter of your life. But first, you’ve got to rent the apartment.

    We’ve all heard the real estate mantra “location, location, location.” And it stands to reason that you’re going to look for an apartment that is close enough to school or work, far enough from certain family members, and—if you’re bringing Fido along—walking distance to a dog park. So, you’ve got location down. Now, what about timing? Is there a perfect season to look for your new rental? Are some months better than others? Does the early bird really get the worm and—if so—what constitutes “early”?

    I’ve had the pleasure of hearing from some of the experts on this when I asked them, “What’s the best time to rent an apartment?” and I’m happy to share the good news.


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  • 7 Tips on How to Lower the Electric Bill in Your Apartment


    When you’re trying to live on a budget, expenses that fluctuate up and down, like your electric bill, can easily take a bigger bite out of your resources than you’d like. But unlike fixed expenses like rent and garbage pick up, this is one that you have some control over. With a few proactive changes, you can keep that portion of your utilities at a reasonable minimum. (more…)

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