• Transform Your Attic

    Transform your attic

    The attic occupies a special place in folklore—a place that’s mysterious, full of secrets and unknown entities and, somehow, always dusty. What stories does your attic tell? Do you even know? Have you been up there to check out the treasures and potential that wait, just above where you spend your days and nights?

    Sure, there are lots of stories of ghosts, secrets and even flowers in the attic. But what if we were to set those aside and take a brand new approach? Imagine the possibilities of reclaiming your attic and using the space to add a new room to your home.


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  • TV Room Ideas for Small Spaces

    TV room ideas for small spaces.

    Are you moving into a dorm room? Studio apartment? Tiny house? Don’t worry—you won’t have to watch the evening news or latest Netflix release on your phone. You can make room for a TV. Where there’s a will (and cable) there’s a way. Even for the smallest of spaces, I’ve got input from the experts on great TV room ideas.

    Back in olden times—the nineties—television “sets” took up a lot of room. Most were larger from front to back than the width of their screens. They sat on a table, dresser, or TV stand, or were squeezed into early versions of the “entertainment center”—complete with space for your VCR and VHS tapes.

    Today’s TVs are sleek, flat, a little bit edgy, and fitting them into your décor can be effortless.


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  • The Best Pedestrian-Friendly City Guide To Los Angeles Ever


    When most people think of Los Angeles, they don’t think of sidewalks crammed with people elbowing little old ladies out of the way as they rush to their meditation class. They think of freeways crammed with cars cutting off little old ladies as they rush to their meditation class. So you may be surprised to learn that L.A. is a pedestrian-friendly city. Or at least a pedestrian-cordial city. You just have to know where to go—and how to get there via automobile.

    Welcome to the pedestrian-friendly city guide: Los Angeles. Here you’ll discover which neighborhoods are great for walking, what to do as you’re walking, and how to respond to the yahoos who will undoubtedly ask if you need a ride because they assume that a car-jacking is the only reason you’re on foot.  (more…)

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  • Lose Your Stuff, Change Your Life: Decluttering Tips

    Decluttering tips for a beautiful home.

    Oh, clutter: how you taunt me! Little stacks of good intentions everywhere. I wanted to do something, see something, or save something, and it turned into something else. Now I have piles of paperwork, boxes and boxes of DIY craft supplies, and not one or two but three staplers.

    Somehow, while I was living my life and planning a streamlined future, I got my hands on too much stuff. When things began to pile up, I bought really cool containers for all my things. Then came the color-coded storage boxes. I even made some DIY containers. Still, I look around and all I can see is more stuff. What to do?


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  • After the Move: What to Do with All Those Boxes?

    Cool ideas for recycling moving boxes.

    Just when you thought the move was over and done with, you turn a corner and see a big pile of moving boxes. Some may be in pristine condition, others may have barely survived the move. And it’s been three weeks now! Don’t despair—here’s everything you need to know about recycling moving boxes.


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  • How to Throw a Housewarming Party

    Housewarming party friends.

    Are you a first-class, excellent best friend—the kind who helps your friends when they need it most: on moving day? If so, when it comes to throwing an epic housewarming party, you’re off the hook. Call up your pals who said they would “love to help with the move” but had to… work, cook, plant a tree, babysit, try Reiki for the first time, or run a marathon on the very day of the move. Yep, one of THOSE friends can organize the big move-in party.

    And for that fair-weather friend (you know who you are), here are some tips on how to throw an amazing housewarming party.


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  • Going Green for Your Move

    Going Green

    You purchase environmentally friendly products for your home. You support companies that are Earth conscious. You certainly don’t want to overlook this commitment to going green for your move. You’ll find that there are many ways to apply earth-friendly strategies to your packing and moving. Start with how you prepare for the move and then apply your green philosophy to the move itself, and even, to the final stage of unpacking and settling into your new home.

    Experts in the moving industry have provided us with some of their best tips for keeping your moving experience as environmentally friendly as possible. (more…)

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  • Garage Sale Pricing Guide: How to Price Your Items for Sale

    Garage Sale Pricing Guide

    Everybody loves a garage sale! But, like all types of parties, it’s a lot easier going to one than throwing one. When you go to a yard sale, it’s all fun and games: you’re looking for a piece of fine art stuck in a frame behind a black velvet poster of dogs playing poker. But you’ll settle for at 25-cent potholder. You bring your change, do a bit of haggling and get the opportunity to take someone else’s stuff to your home.

    When you are on the other side of the “Yard Sale” sign, a garage sale can be serious business. You need money. You need to clean out the garage so you and your garage band will have a place to practice. You desperately want to sell everything your ex ever gave you, liked or complimented—and your ex’s stuff, too. (Hey, it gets left behind, it gets sold.)

    The question is: how do you price your items to sell as many as possible? Here’s a simple yard sale pricing guide to get you started.


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  • What’s Newsprint Packing Paper Got to Do with It?


    What is the best part of moving? When it’s over. You’re in your new place, friends are gathering with gifts of food, wine and kitchen gadgets. Somebody opens up a bottle of vintage cab and—because you labeled everything—you know exactly where your wine glasses are packed. You open the box… and everything in it is broken.

    It doesn’t have to end this way.


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  • Going Green in 9 Simple Steps


    Earth Day is every day. OK, not really, but despite what Kermit said, it is easy being green. If you’ve been thinking about taking the next steps in “going green,” today is the perfect day to change your life and change the world—that is, with a few simple steps, you can make a difference for the planet.

    Here are nine easy steps to being more earth-friendly and eco-conscious. In an organic nutshell: going green.


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