• Top 15 Tips for Making the Most of Your Expo Trip

    22 March 2010 by

    Attending Self Storage Conferences should be part of every Self Storage Operators yearly routine, Inside Self Storage and Self Storage Association put on two conferences a year as well as each state’s individual self storage association which put on conferences and events throughout the year. Whether your goal of the trip is to network with others in the industry, learn new tips or tricks or find new business opportunities, it’s important to get the most out of your conference attendance. If you’re unable to attend the conference and you’re sending someone in your place remember to choose someone who will put into practice what they learn during the conference and are interested in improving your business and doing what’s best for your self storage facility.

    We’ve put together some of our top 15 tips for making the most of your expo trip, where to invest your time so you get the most for your money.

    1. Schedule your days. Starting with the sessions and speakers you want to attend. Most conferences have their agenda’s available weeks ahead of time. Print out the tentative schedule and circle which sessions you know you want to attend. Do some research if there’s a speaker on the list you haven’t heard of, so you can better assess the speakers and sessions you want to attend. If there is a conflict in your schedule and you don’t have someone else to split the time with try to attend the first half of one session and catch the last half of the other one. You can always switch up your schedule once you get to the conference, but having a plan before you head out to the conference will make the rest of your trip run smoother.

    2. Stay at the conference hotel. This will allow you to network with colleagues after conference hours and will make for an easy commute from your room down to the conference.

    3. Pack accordingly. Check the weather of the location of the conference so you can be prepared for any weather conditions. Is the dress business or casual, will you be entertaining clients, will there be a formal occasion? Consider the company that you are representing and how you want your colleagues in the industry to view you and your company.

    4. Explore the hotel and conference center. One of the first things you should do after checking into your hotel room and dropping off your baggage is to walk around the hotel and get the lay of the land. Find out where the vending machine is, the ice machine, gift shop and pool, etc. If there’s not any restaurants in the hotel then find out what’s within walking distance, where’s the closest convenience store and what other sources or entertainment are close to the hotel. Also look for the conference center and locate the bathrooms, meeting rooms, and power outlets in case you need to recharge your laptop or phone during the conference.

    5. Plan for breaks. Schedule breaks between sessions, go back to your room or head out for a walk. Remember to schedule time for eating and bring plenty of water to stay hydrated. If you don’t think you’ll have time to take a break to eat bring some granola bars or a quick snack you can eat between sessions. Sitting through sessions with an empty stomach can be distraction so take the time to eat and rest so you can be prepared for the sessions.

    6. Check your email. Just because you’re away on business doesn’t mean that you should use the motto “out of sight out of mind” with your business at home. Check your email regularly and call your office to check in with a quick five minute phone call, updating them on the conference and making sure there are no problems to be addressed.

    7. Ask questions. While attending the sessions write down questions that you have throughout the session, since the Q&A portion is typically at the end of each session you’ll want to write down your questions so you don’t forget.

    8. Get a seat. Register early, book your flight and hotel so you can guarantee your spot at the conference. Also get down to the conference early so you can find a seat at the sessions you want to attend.

    9. Bring plenty of business cards. Don’t miss out on a business opportunity because of a simple mistake. If you’re worried about of the stack of business cards you’ve collected of the years at conferences using Shoeboxed is a great took to organize all of your contacts and get rid of saving business cards.

    10. Find out what else there is to do there. Other than attending the conference sponsored events, find out what other fun things are going on such as vendor parties. It’s a great opportunity to network and have fun while you’re working.

    11. Ask the pros. If you find yourself speaking to someone who has been successful in the industry shoot them a few questions, although they may be your competitors it never hurts to ask. You never know it may be the key you need to unlock the doors to success in the self storage industry.

    12. Walk the exhibit hall. Check out each booth and get a good idea of each vendor and what they offer. Also stop by and speak with old vendors you may have meet at other conferences and see if they have anything new to report. Not only is this good networking practice, it may also put you in touch with your next vendor.

    13. Network. Don’t spend your time talking and sitting with the same people throughout the entire conference, branch out making some new contacts. Remember to touch base with your old contacts to continue your business relationship.

    14. Take notes. Bringing back notes to share with your company will increase the value of your trip. After the event, most conferences provide access to conference attendees to the presentations. If the presentation isn’t available try emailing the moderator, these presentations will come in handy when you recap the conference at a short company meeting where you can share what you’ve learned, tips and tricks, and contacts you made.

    15. Follow up. Connect with the contacts you made during the conference within the next week or sooner by email or a handwritten note. Can’t keep everyone straight try writing some keywords on the back of their business cards reminding you who they are and what you talked about.

    The next conference is the Self Storage Association in Colorado Springs, here’s the schedule at a glance

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  • 10 Things to Consider before renting Denver Self Storage

    22 March 2010 by

    1.   Stick to your budget. Before you deciding to rent a Denver self storage unit, ask the manager how often they raise their rates, so you can factor that into your budget. If the price sounds reasonable ask the manager to put the numbers in writing.

    2.   Rents due. Ask the manager when the rent is due and what your options are for paying the rent. Some self storage facilities have an online payment option or will allow you to prepare months in advance. Find a schedule that works best for you and stick to it.

    3.   Self storage facilities don’t cause storms. If you are storing your items in a Denver self storage facility and you’re local to the facility, visit the storage facility after a rain storm. Storage facilities are not responsible for water damage, so by taking some time out of your day to checking in on your belongings after a big storm could save you a lot of money in the end.

    4.   Access. How often will your access your self storage facility. This will help you determine what size of self storage unit you will want to rent. If you plan on accessing your self storage unit often then you may want to rent a unit one size larger than recommended by the manager. When you access your facility you’ll want some extra room so you can move around freely without harming any of your belongings. If you won’t be frequenting your self storage unit, then you can rest assure that the unit size recommended by the manager will be the right size for your belongings. You may even want to rent a self storage unit one size smaller if you know how to safely pack and arrange the storage unit. Remember to place the items you think you’ll want to retrieve quickly near the front of the self storage unit. You may not have room to move around your storage unit but you will save some extra money month to month by renting a smaller unit.

    5.   Hidden fees. Some self storage facilities charge a deposit, which will be refunded once you’ve moved out, granted that you left the self storage facility intact, the way you found it. Before signing your lease ask the self storage facility manager about the cost of the deposit, if there is one, and if there are any additional hidden fees that will be tacked onto your bill in addition to your rental fee.

    6.   Need a moving truck. If you don’t have access to a moving truck you may want to ask the self storage facility manager if they offer rental trucks or if there is anyone they recommendation. If the self storage facility is the one renting you the truck you may want to ask if there are any perks to renting a truck from them or if there are any fees they can wave for being a self storage customer.

    7.   Insurance. Insure the items that you are storing, check to see if your home owner’s or renter’s insurance policies cover you when your storage your items in self storage, if not most Denver self storage facilities offer storage insurance when you sign your rental agreement.

    8.   Pack smart. When packing your self storage unit, place your valuable items in the back of the unit. Stack your boxes starting with the heaviest box located on the bottom of the pile, placing the lightest boxes on top to prevent your boxes from caving in due to their varying weights.

    9.   Lock down. Ask the self storage facility manager about security features that the self storage facility provides for their customers. Then go out and buy yourself a lock that cannot be cut by bolt cutters, if you need some advice of where to find one or which one to purchase you can always ask the manager.

    10. Look for yourself. Visit the Denver self storage facility and take a tour to check out the condition of the storage units and the security, make sure you feel secure in leaving your belongings in the self storage unit. Ask the self storage facility manager if they live onsite, so they can keep an eye on your belongings 24/7.

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  • Boat and RV Storage

    22 March 2010 by

    So you’ve been tossing around the idea of purchasing a boat or an RV. However, you’re not really sure where you’re going to store these new toys. San Diego storage units are the perfect place to store your boat or RV. If this is your first time searching for boat and RV self storage there are several questions you should be asking before deciding where to store your boat or RV.

    Price is clearly something will play a big factor in deciding where you want to store your boat or RV, you’ll want to find something that is affordable but still has all of the features you’re looking for. Self storage facilities have several different features that help protect you and your belongings, such as climate controlled self storage units, security cameras, high walls or fences, and electronic gate access. You may want to inquire about where the cameras are placed and other types of security features that San Diego self storage facility offers, if entry is a key combination or a padlock.

    To determine the type of space that you need to store your boat or RV will depend on the size of these items. A 10 by 20 unit is equal to the average size of a one car garage, so if you are storing a small boat or a vehicle this unit will probably suffice, or a 10 by 30 self storage unit will allow for more room in the unit. You will want to make sure that if you chose a self storage unit then the amount of space in the self storage unit will allow you to move freely about it and maneuver your boat or vehicle without damaging it.

    When storing your boat or vehicle you will want to cover it and lay a protective covering like a plastic sheet underneath the fuel tank. Self Storage facilities often charge a cleanup cost of their storage facility, which you will want to ask about these types of fees before signing a lease with a self storage facility.

    There are several different types of RV self storage. The most expensive is an enclosed garage unit, which is similar to a garage. The enclosure may have amenities such as heat and electricity and can only be accessed the RV owner. The second type of San Diego storage is a covered self storage unit with three walls, no amenities are provided but it will protect your RV from the elements.

    The third type is covered parking, your RV is parked under a canopy which protects your RV from the sun but does not block your vehicle from moisture or wind damage.  Another way that self storage facilities can store your RV is in a gated parking lot or in a parking garage. RV covers are also available to cover your RV and protect it from the sun, wind, and rain.

    Remember that hazardous and combustible fluids and items are not allowed to be stored in your self storage unit so make sure that you have drained the gasoline from your boat or RV. Be prepared to show proof of insurance of the item at the time of signing the lease. If you’re not going to be storing your boat or RV in an individual self storage unit you may want to take photographs of the boat of RV to protect your belongings from damages that may occur. Also check with your insurance provider to see if your insurance policy covers storing your boat or RV in a self storage facility.

    Lastly don’t forget to check with the San Diego self storage facility to see if they offer specials or discounts. Some facility offer discounts to long time leasers or renters who find their facility online. Just remember nothing beats calling the self storage facility and asking the manager to swing by and check out the self storage for yourself.

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  • Searching For Self Storage Online

    22 March 2010 by

    If you’re reading this blog then it’s best to say that you are a digital native and a pioneer of the World Wide Web. Anything that you can imagine can be accessed by you from the privacy of your home. Consumers can now search for products during their time, eliminating having to call during business hours when most people are at work themselves. No matter what you are searching for you are bound to come across information giving you the knowledge on how to access this item either by purchasing it online or where to find it in local stores. At some time or another everyone has googled or searched for some type of item along with a description of the item such as a thermal winter jacket with weatherproofing or a particular book or recipe that you saw on television. When the search results were presented to you most likely you scanned the first view results and choose one that appeared on the first page.

    Finding this information on the internet is relatively easy; you carefully choose your keywords, just like the thermal winter jacket with weatherproofing. The internet is a convenient way for you to shop and explore. Soon enough results will appear right in front of you and with over millions of pages of information waiting to be explored. With this amount of information it’s hard not to be overwhelmed, which is why most people make their selection within the first page of results. Anything you are searching for can be accessed within seconds.

    If you’re using the internet to search for things like winter coats, books and recipes why not use the internet to search for a Brooklyn self storage facility. Maybe you are downsizing your home, looking to do some home renovations or you’ve acquired some extra possessions in the last couple of months. Chances are that you will need to find somewhere safe and reliable to hold these extra belongings. As we’ve stated before self storage units are the perfect solution to your storage needs, you can affordable house the items you no longer have use for until you decide to donate the items, sell them or find that you need them again. It’s a cheaper solution than repurchasing items that you have disposed of after you find the space for them in your home. By exploring the World Wide Web and search engines you can find a self storage unit that suits you and your needs.

    Maybe you’re wondering why we’re not telling you to open the phonebook, that’s because according to Inside Self Storage over 75% of self storage customers, meaning you have access to the internet. So self storage companies know that a lot of their customers are coming from a search engine meaning google, yahoo or bing. Websites also contain much more information than the phone book could ever give you access to. Once on a Brooklyn self storage facilities website you will have access to their address, phone number, fax number, hours of operation, storing unit sizes, featured amenities and rate plans. This information about their property could save you from thumbing through the phonebook calling each self storage facility asking the same mundane questions. You may even be able to request a free quote over the internet or reserve your self storage unit that very day.

    There may also be a map view of the location in reference to your house, photos or online virtual tours of the self storage facility. Some websites may also provide you with information about truck rentals, packing supplies such as boxes and even packing tips. Facilities often offer web only discounts that save consumers some extra money on a rental or even a self storage unit free for a month.

    Let’s say you’re searching for Brooklyn storage, so you pull up your favorite search engine google and type in Brooklyn Self Storage, which will pull up a handful of local searches and a map identifying their location. Further down you will see the broad based search engine results, out of those results it’s best to chose one that clearly matches what you’re looking for. If some of your keywords Brooklyn + Self + Storage aren’t showing up then chances are you won’t find what you’re looking for there.

    Once you’ve chosen a site make sure it’s easy to navigate with links for customers to find contact information, information about self storage unit size and the different types of self storage units that the facility offers. Depending on what you want to store will depend on the types of self storage unit you’ll be interested in renting. Remember that self storage is not just for storing furniture and household items, wine storage is very popular along with, truck, boat, RV and car storage. This type of self storage can range from garage style parking, covered parking or outdoor parking lots.

    All Brooklyn self storage facilities offered standard security features such as an access controlled gate, good lighting, a fenced in area and onsite managers to watch for any suspicious activity. Some facilities even take extra precautions with video surveillance, alarms, and onsite security. Most of this information can be accessed on the business’ website.

    Self storage facilities also offer amenities to their customers to protect you and your belongings; features such as drive up facilities for easy loading and unloading, 24 hour access, and climate controlled units. If the facility does not offer drive up, some self storage units provide dollies and carts to help make the move as easy as possible for their customers.

    Surfing the web in search for Brooklyn storage has advantages beyond just accessing information about the self storage facility. Some facilities allow their customers to pay their bill online or give special deals and rates to online customers. Just remember that once you’ve found the perfect self storage unit online nothing beats calling and speaking with the facilities’ manager. Self Storage managers are always happy to answer any questions you might have. If this is your first time renting a self storage unit, ask to stop in for a quick tour of the unit before making your final decision. You want something that is convenient and safe for you and your belongings.

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  • Packing For A Self Storage Unit

    22 March 2010 by

    Deciding where to store your belongings in Orlando self storage can be challenging but with the right advice you’ll be on your way to picking out the storage unit that’s right for you. First, you are going to want to approximate the number of items, by making a list, which are going to be storing in the self storage facility and determine how much space you will need in your self storage unit. Once you’ve picked out the perfect Orlando self storage unit you’ll want to begin packing your items.

    Before starting to pack refer back to your list so you can begin to categorize the items you want to store in your self storage unit into different boxes. Try to use boxes that are similar in size so you can stack them easily, starting with the heavier boxes on the bottom. When categorizing your items for your self storage unit store the items you will want to access more frequently into one or more boxes and place them near the entrance of the storage facility. This will ensure that you will not be rummaging through all of your boxes looking for one item. Keeping you a list of what items are being kept in what box will also help you being able to identify where items are more quickly, along with labeling each box. (Clothing, kitchen items, children’s toys, fragile, etc.)

    Remember to leave an isle between your boxes so you can easily access them in the storage unit without harming any of the items. Pack valuable items with bubble wrap and newspaper to ensure that there isn’t a shift in the items during moving. Then place these items near the back of your self storage unit away from the door, to keep them safe. Do not stack your belongings all of the way up to the ceiling to keep them safe from damaging.

    Take extra precaution when packing items such as metal objects, furniture and appliances. Metal objects can be treated with rust protector or wiped down with oil. Furniture can warp in storage units due to humidity, so even if you sprung for the climate controlled unit you will want to take precautions to keep your furniture safe from damaging. Space out your furniture away from other items so air can circulate in the storage unit. Placing plastic sheets on the floor of your self storage unit and stacking your boxes on top of wooden pallets, helps prevent damage from condensation. You can also lay fabric over your items to protect them from dust. Appliances such as refrigerators should be left open and stuffed with newspaper to prevent mold from growing. Do not ever keep anything flammable or combustible in your Orlando self storage unit (gasoline, oil, cleaning supplies, paint thinner). Lawnmowers should be drained before placing into the storage unit.

    Finally, purchasing a lock that cannot be cut by bolt cutters is important to keeping your belongings safe. Self Storage Facilities do their best to protect your items but the lock is your way of insuring your belongings safety. Also items that cannot be insured or replaced should not be placed in self storage. Renters should also catalog items record the serial numbers of any electronics or other products placed in the Orlando self storage unit.

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  • Finding the Right Self Storage Unit

    22 March 2010 by

    When shopping around for a Chicago self storage unit to store your possessions whether you’re doing some spring cleaning or storing your belongings during a move, there are several factors that you will want into consideration before choosing the storage unit that’s right for you. Storage units come with different amenities; including 24 hour access, drive up access, security and climate control, which are intended to keep your belongings safe and intact while storing them in a storage facility. We’ve researched some information that will be helpful when shopping for a Chicago storage unit that’s just right for you.

    First, you are going to want to approximate the number of items that you’re going to be storing in the self storage facility. You want to make sure that you have enough room in your storage unit to store all of your belongings and not damage them by placing them in a space that is too small. By placing your items in boxes and labeling the boxes you can maximize your storage space and organize your belongings so when you need to find something you can do so quickly. Leave an isle between your boxes so you can easily access them in the storage unit without harming any of the items. Do not stack your belongings all of the way up to the ceiling to keep them safe from damaging.

    Then you’re going to want to make sure that the storage unit you are renting has all of the amenities to meet your needs. The main thing to consider is whether or not you will need a Chicago storage facility that has climate control, which will keep your belongings safe when the weather changes. Items that should be storage in a climate controlled self storage unit are things that can be damaged by being exposed to extreme weather climates. Items such as cloth, wood and leather furniture, electronic equipment and appliances, musical instruments, books, medical and legal records should be stored in a climate controlled self storage unit to ensure their safe keeping.

    Finally you will want to take into consideration the type of access the facility allows you to your self storage unit. If you have large items to place into the storage unit you will want to consider a facility that allows you to drive up to unit to unload your belongings. Also if you want access to your belongings at all time you may want to look for a self storage facility that allows your 24 hour access to your belongings.

    Finding the perfect Chicago self storage unit that fits all of your needs perfectly is as easy as doing a little researching, calling around and asking the right questions.

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  • Self Storage Provides A Safe Place To Store Spring Cleaning

    19 March 2010 by

    With spring just around the corner it’s a great time to think about doing some spring cleaning and tiding up your home. If you’ve acquired some extra possessions over the winter months a self storage unit is a great option to store your belongings rather than disposing of your things. Renting a storage unit is an affordable and easy solution to your storage needs, helping you organize and tidy up your home. If you take the time to search out self storage units, you can find an affordable Houston storage unit that meets all of your needs.

    The weathers getting warmer and it’s a perfect time to clean out your closets and attic. By moving some of your seasonal items, like Christmas decorations, clothes or furniture that you may have future use for, into a storage unit you can create a clean and organized home for you and your family. For example, if you had a kid move home from college recently and there’s just not room in your house to store their furniture, a self storage unit is an affordable solution to storing your child’s furniture until he moves out on his own. Instead of selling the furniture that you do not have room for, you can spend as little as $40 – $50 per month to store the furniture so when your child moves into his own home you will not have to spend the money repurchasing those items, which actually saves you money overtime.

    Putting your unused items into Houston self storage units will help you clean out your house and store your possessions in a safe space. When looking for the right storage unit you should compare your options before choosing one. Some storage units come with different amenities; including 24 hour access, drive up access, security and climate control. Depending on what items you are storing will depend on which amenities are important to you. Do some research and look around for the facility that best suits your needs and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call the storage facility manager and ask to look around before storing your possessions at their self storage facility.

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