• Savvy Food Storage: Save Food, Money, and the Environment

    Ever thought about where you should store what in your fridge? Leftovers here, cheese there, and what’s the deal with those humidity drawers? Organizing your food storage space so your fruits and veggies are stored in the proper place will help cut grocery costs and save the environment.

    Then again, if you are just looking to store your all gym equipment, baby clothes or deer heads, then look to further to your local storage facility on selfstoragefinders.com.  We’ve got storage promotions from Los Angeles to Miami and credit cards aren’t required to reserve a unit.

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  • What To Do When You Need Extra IKEA Screws

    IKEA screws

    Don’t tell me you’ve never encountered this scenario: you return home with your long, flat box, excited to assemble your BILLY bookcase from IKEA and finally have somewhere to put all your books. (more…)

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  • 12 Creative Storage Hacks for an Organized 2016 (One for each Month!)

    creative storage hacks

    With every new year comes those inevitable resolutions: lose weight, get more sleep, visit grandpa in the slammer, give up that wallet-draining cocaine habit. You know, the usual. And at the end of each year you throw yourself into consumerism (also known as “the spirit of Christmas”) in an effort to drown out the voice in your head that whispers in a creepy, high-pitched, sing-song voice, “Another year, another failure…!”

    But maybe it’s not that you messed up; maybe your expectations were simply too high. I mean, if grandpa were in the local county jail rather than all the way over there in Sing Sing, perhaps you would’ve visited him more often. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    So this year if you want to check a few things off your bucket list in order to feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment come December 31st, might I suggest that you lower the bar? And decluttering the crap from your so-called home office that hasn’t seen the light of day since you filled it with all the As Seen on TV goods you bought in a fit of failure last year is a good place to begin. (more…)

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  • Sports Card Storage 101

    21 November 2015 by

    sports card storage

    If you’re like me, you’ve never wondered how to properly store sports cards. Any cards in my possession always wound up tucked into my bicycle wheel spokes until they fell out somewhere along the way, lost and forgotten forever.

    On the other hand, if you are actually a sports card aficionado, then you probably already know what good sports card storage entails. So this article is basically for the three people who have accidentally amassed a sports card collection from all those packs of Topps Chewing Gum and don’t know what to do with them. (more…)

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  • Kitchen Storage For Small Spaces

    27 October 2015 by
    kitchen storage

    There’s nothing worse than a minuscule kitchen and an addiction to fancy culinary gadgets. Ok, there are worse things, like earthquakes and severed limbs and line-ups at your local Starbucks. But just for the sake of argument, let’s say there’s nothing worse than a small kitchen.

    Your choices are: move to a bigger house, increase the size of your kitchen, or come up with some creative ways to store your gastronomic gizmos. If you don’t have the credit score for a bigger house and your apartment lease forbids you to expand into your neighbor’s home, then creative hacks are your only choice.

    Here are 6 resourceful kitchen storage unit ideas: (more…)

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  • 5 Facts About Peter Walsh

    25 October 2015 by
    peter walsh

    Unless you’ve been trapped in your own over-cluttered garage for the last decade, you’ve probably heard of Peter Walsh. An expert in “organizational design” (i.e. getting that crap out of your house), he not only has his own show about organizing, but a line of products at OfficeMax, too! His success has a lot to do with his psychological background, which has helped him see that de-cluttering is less about the material goods and more about the psychology behind the thing.

    In case you have just freed yourself from that disaster zone of a garage, here are 5 facts about Peter Walsh to keep you up to date: (more…)

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  • Types of TV Storage Units

    22 October 2015 by
    tv storage units

    You finally did it. You got rid of that Zenith B&W Console TV with the rabbit ears and dial channel changer (remote control? what’s that?) that you’ve had since the Supremes first signed with Motown Records and joined the 21st century.

    Your brand new Samsung Ultra HD 4K flat screen TV rocks the hell out of your living room and has garnered you a whole new group of “friends,” but unlike the Zenith, it doesn’t come with a built-in storage unit. Why does that matter, you may ask? Not only does a TV storage unit keep your $800-dollar television free from dust and other damaging elements, but it’s a great place to store related electronics like an A/V receiver or your entire Seinfeld DVD collection.

    So here is a list of the most common types of TV storage units: (more…)

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  • Who Is Matt Paxton?

    matt paxton

    Depending on who you ask, Matt Paxton is either a Canadian folk singer or an extreme cleaning specialist on the A&E reality TV show Hoarders. (more…)

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  • Who Is Julie Morgenstern?

    julie morgenstern

    If you’ve never heard of Julie Morgenstern, chances are you’ve been living under a giant pile of clutter for the past twenty-five years. According to her, she is “an internationally renowned organizing and time management expert, New York Times best-selling author, consultant and speaker.” She is best known for her organizing books Organizing From the Inside Out and Time Management From the Inside Out, as well as her monthly column “Getting Organized” in O, The Oprah Magazine. (more…)

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  • Easy Tips on How to Store Power Tools

    18 September 2015 by
    how to store power tools

    If you’ve recently purchased some power tools, you know they are an investment to your life as they usually cost a little more than a hammer and nails. Because of that, we wanted to share tips on how to store power tools so they last you a long time.

    Brian Prince is a small business owner and self-called “jack of all trades” at Refinishing {RVA}

    Proper power tool storage

    “I am 35 and I mostly take my tips from my Grandfather, David J. Genz. He was a master carpenter, hydroelectric engineer and a true salt of the earth, practical guy. I still have his Craftsman Plane from 1951 wrapped in the box. This tool is still sharp as they day he purchased it,” shares Prince.

    Prince also tells us that the success of storing power tools is greatly affected by the material of the place you store these.

    “Proper tool storage depends greatly on breathable storage containers (cardboard, laid or hung neatly in a cabinet, cloth or canvas padded bags, etc.),” says Prince.

    Here are some tips to help you find the perfect place for your tools.

    • Gently clean your tools with air dusters or damp rags after each use
    • If you use these tools often, you can use a self or hanging surface like a peg board to hang them but make sure they are clean after each use
    • You may also use a 3 in 1 household oil if necessary (see manual for your tools)

    “I specifically store my DeWalt 20v tools in foam padded canvas bags, heavy duty Rigid boxes with cut foam for transport or in my work bench drawers,” explains Prince.

    • If you have newer tools feel free put them back into the plastic bag they came in to prevent scuffs
    • Remember to label packages where your tools are stored (if for a long period of time) as fragile or with specific labels so you remember where they are but also to be careful when handling them if you’re moving or relocating their placement

    Prince says to remember that your power tools are valuable and they can keep that value if stored and kept properly. You never know when or if you’d like to sell these so you want to make sure they last you in great condition for as long as possible.

    Whether you have one or many power tools, they are considered a must –have in every household. By following these simple tips you can enjoy them for longer and keep them in tip-top shape.

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