• Dorm Life Hack: Simplify!

    The best part of dorm life: friendship.

    What’s the one thing every student brings to college? Big dreams. Giant, pie-in-sky, practically impossible dreams. In college, dreams are your North Star, leading you forward, challenging you to be your best, opening up new worlds…

    Luckily, dreams don’t take up a lot of space in the tiny room that will be your home once you get to (or get back to) college.

    As far as everything else you are thinking about bringing? Think twice. (more…)

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  • 10 Creative Uses For Brown Cardboard Boxes


    Considering that 90 percent of all items are shipped in standard brown cardboard boxes and most people dabble in at least a little hoarding (boxes, plastic bags, and yogurt containers seem to be the most addictive), that’s a lot of empty boxes to stash in your closets.

    Don’t pretend that one day you will break down the boxes and lug them out to the recycling depot or that you’ll use them to ship Christmas presents to your out-of-town relatives. Admit it. You’ve never bought the aunts and uncles even one gift. And that depot? I’ll give you ten bucks if you can tell me where it is.

    Here’s a better idea. Check out these 10 creative uses for brown cardboard boxes and watch your friends and family turn green with envy because you’ve just figured out how to keep your kids occupied for the next five years. (more…)

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  • So, You’re Moving to Boston?

    Boston skyline at night.

    Lucky you! Boston is known as “the hub” for a reason: when you’re there, it can feel like you are at the center of the universe. Boston has it all: arts, culture, exquisite food, some of the best universities in the world, and the beloved—if sometimes beleaguered—Red Sox Nation.

    If you’re moving to Boston, here are some great tips and resources to help you find all the city has to offer.


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  • TV Room Ideas for Small Spaces

    TV room ideas for small spaces.

    Are you moving into a dorm room? Studio apartment? Tiny house? Don’t worry—you won’t have to watch the evening news or latest Netflix release on your phone. You can make room for a TV. Where there’s a will (and cable) there’s a way. Even for the smallest of spaces, I’ve got input from the experts on great TV room ideas.

    Back in olden times—the nineties—television “sets” took up a lot of room. Most were larger from front to back than the width of their screens. They sat on a table, dresser, or TV stand, or were squeezed into early versions of the “entertainment center”—complete with space for your VCR and VHS tapes.

    Today’s TVs are sleek, flat, a little bit edgy, and fitting them into your décor can be effortless.


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  • What You Would Find in Donald Trump’s Storage Unit


    Self-storage units are handy when you need to stash your belongings while you’re on the road, in the midst of a move, downsizing from house to hovel, or because you’re an undiagnosed hoarder. They’re also convenient for storing skeletons when your closet fills up.

    Billionaire Donald Trump is an American business tycoon, investor, and real estate mogul, as well as host of the reality TV show The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice. More recently, he has proclaimed his presidential candidacy for 2016 as well as a tendency to play in his own “triumphant, idiotic symphony.” As the old saying goes, the more you have to lose, the more you have to hide.

    So based on what we know of him, here’s what you would likely find in Donald Trump’s storage unit: (more…)

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  • Storing Beer Properly In Case of an Apocalypse


    Much like that friend of yours who eats two squares of chocolate and puts the rest back in the fridge, the idea of not drinking alcohol that’s right there in your house causes a lot of suspicion. Why aren’t you drinking it? Are you saving it for special guests like the Most Interesting Man In the World? Is it poisoned and you’re waiting for your in-laws to come over? Or maybe you robbed a liquor store and accidentally took beer instead of cash. (more…)

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  • The Best Pedestrian-Friendly City Guide To Los Angeles Ever


    When most people think of Los Angeles, they don’t think of sidewalks crammed with people elbowing little old ladies out of the way as they rush to their meditation class. They think of freeways crammed with cars cutting off little old ladies as they rush to their meditation class. So you may be surprised to learn that L.A. is a pedestrian-friendly city. Or at least a pedestrian-cordial city. You just have to know where to go—and how to get there via automobile.

    Welcome to the pedestrian-friendly city guide: Los Angeles. Here you’ll discover which neighborhoods are great for walking, what to do as you’re walking, and how to respond to the yahoos who will undoubtedly ask if you need a ride because they assume that a car-jacking is the only reason you’re on foot.  (more…)

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  • Fun Self Storage Statistics For Every Occasion


    Unless you are legally or morally obligated to write a report on the self-storage industry, you’ve probably never stopped to think about all the interesting facts and figures there are on this subject. And why would you when there are more important things to ponder—like why the Venti size at Starbucks is 24 ounces when “venti” means twenty.

    It may surprise you to learn that the story of storage spans 6,000 years, includes tales of exotic, faraway lands, and features an edge-of-your-seat resistance to economic recessions. Sounds kinda like a James Cameron movie, doesn’t it? Minus the aliens, ocean liners, and cyborgs, of course.

    Check out this list of fun self storage statistics (and commit them to memory—there will be a pop quiz at the end):  (more…)

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  • Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts

    Housewarming gift ideas.

    What’s the best part of a housewarming party? Why, warming up the house, of course. And the best way to do that is with your awesome self: just being there, for your friend who has moved into a new home and is starting a new chapter in life. Moving into a new place is, for most people, a milestone. (Then there are the people who move all the time. We have a special list of ideas for them.)

    So, most important is to get to the housewarming party—on time, so your friend is not left with that awkward, meeting-the-neighbors thing on his or her own. Even if you’re not the one throwing the party, get there early. If you can bring some wine and cheese, that’s even better. If you want to be the best friend of all, you might even want to bring a thoughtful housewarming gift.


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  • Storing Vinyl Records Properly In Case the ‘70s Ever Comes Back


    If you’re old enough to have owned vinyl LPs—the serving platter-size discs, the oh-so-delicate cuing up of the needle, the novel-length write up and accompanying collection of photos on the back—then you’re old enough to know that you don’t just leave them lying around.  (more…)

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