• 5 Reasons to Rent Before You Buy in a New City

    Rent Before You Buy

    Are you uprooting your life and moving to a new city? Whether a new job has prompted the move or something else has compelled you to change your location, one of the first decisions you need to make is where to live. Even though you may be a long time homeowner, there are benefits to renting before you buy when moving to a new city. Here are five reasons to consider waiting before you buy when you move to your new town. (more…)

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  • Creating a Fabulous Playroom on a Budget

    playroom on a budget

    When decorating your home, it’s important to stay trendy but not break the bank. This especially applies for spaces around your home that are for the children.

    Playrooms are convenient because you can store toys and other things your children may use on a regular basis, without cluttering your family room or entire home. (more…)

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  • Advice on Renting Your First Apartment after College

    Advice on Renting Your First Apartment after College

    You’ve made it through four or more years of dorm life, and now you’re ready to spread your wings. All you need now is to find a place to land. Finding a suitable apartment can be a challenge depending on where you live. With the added stress of relocating for a new job, it can feel overwhelming. Here are some tips on how to find your new home quickly and affordably. (more…)

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  • Choosing the Right Movers: Reclaiming Moving Day


    Every article I’ve read about moving goes on and on… it’s a chore, it’s a hassle, it’s stressful. Actually, I’ve even written a few of those myself.

    Let’s reclaim the process of moving. It doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be fun. Just close your eyes and picture this: a happy day, not a cloud in the sky. You wake up early and your best friend—who helped you pack the night before—brings you scones and a hot coffee. You’re wearing your favorite PJs and you slept with that eye pillow you rediscovered while you were packing.

    Life is good.

    And then the movers show up to your place. An hour late. There are four of them and they’re saying something about “hourly rates” and asking you to sign “the new version of the contract.”


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  • Selling on eBay: Choosing What to Sell


    If you’ve ever looked at all the things you have in your storage unit and thought, “I could sell this stuff…” then today is a great day to get started. If you want to make money on eBay, there are a few things you can do to increase the chances of getting top dollar for your items.

    The easy way to sell items on eBay can be broken down into three steps: (1) choose what you want to sell; (2) learn as much as you can about each item you’re selling so you can set the starting price appropriately; and (3) take great photos.


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  • 7 Tips on How to Lower the Electric Bill in Your Apartment


    When you’re trying to live on a budget, expenses that fluctuate up and down, like your electric bill, can easily take a bigger bite out of your resources than you’d like. But unlike fixed expenses like rent and garbage pick up, this is one that you have some control over. With a few proactive changes, you can keep that portion of your utilities at a reasonable minimum. (more…)

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  • Don’t Buy These at the Thrift Shop


    Who loves a bargain? Everyone does! But it’s only a bargain if you get a great deal on something you actually need—and if that item doesn’t cost you more in the long run than it would to buy it new. A penny saved is not always a penny earned.

    Repurposing items has its benefits: it’s good for the earth (less stuff in landfills), it saves money, and it can be fun. If you love a great flea market, thrift shop or garage sale, you are in good company. While you’re shopping and saving, keep in mind a few tips on what not to buy used.


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  • Choosing the Best Location for Your Storage Unit


    Location, location, location. That’s what people talk about when they are looking for a great place to live or work. But what about when you are choosing the location of a self-storage unit? Does it have to be near your home… especially if there are less expensive options 45 minutes away? And how important is around-the-clock access, especially in a unit you might rarely visit? Let’s take a look at the factors involved in choosing your storage unit’s location.


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  • An Easy Way to Save Money on Self Storage


    When you rent a self-storage unit, you will want to make the most of the space. The best way to do that is by carefully packing everything you store. This saves money in two ways. First, you can select the smallest, least expensive unit possible at a lower monthly rate than a larger unit. Second, carefully packed items are less likely to break. There’s no sense storing your t.v. or dishes if, when you unpack them, they are broken! Let’s discuss some of the ways you can save money in the packing process.


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  • Selling 101: The Best Places to Sell Your Stuff


    “I bet I could sell this.” An excellent idea or famous last words?

    You have a lot of stuff. There’s no shame in that. One of the fastest growing sectors of real estate is public storage. That means that you are not alone! We all have stuff—the things that we can’t quite throw away, that will someday find a home, or that we are sure could be “worth something.” It may be a set of baseball cards, some fine crystal or even Dad’s old saxophone… it seems valuable, so we hold onto it. It moves from dorm room to first apartment, perhaps to a friend’s basement for a while, and finally to storage. It’s definitely safe and sound, but why not take the big leap and sell it?


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