• How Big Is New York?

    how big is new york

    For a city whose moniker is The Big Apple, you’d expect everything about it to be larger than average—including the fruit. Well, you’re right (except the part about the produce). New York City (which is made up of 5 boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island) has a big history, a big attitude, and a big heart. But never mind those things; in terms of things that can be measured, here’s how big New York is: (more…)

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  • Cool Things To Know When Moving to Columbus, Ohio

    31 December 2015 by
    moving to columbus ohio

    Columbus, not to be confused with the explorer, the TV detective or the South American country, is a city in Ohio which happens to have a lot of things going for it. For starters, it is the capital of the state, the 15th largest city in the country, and boasts a population of 835,957 (to put that into perspective, San Francisco has 837,442 and Portland has 609,456). (more…)

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  • What You Should Know Before Moving to Oregon

    29 December 2015 by
    moving to oregon

    There are many reasons to move to a new state, such as a job or marriage offer, but sometimes those are just not good enough reasons. I mean, if you’re going to uproot your entire life and give up that fab beachfront property in Southern California or artist’s loft in SoHo, New York, then the benefits had better be worth it. With no sales tax, legalized Mary Jane, and public nudity, I think Oregon will prove to have everything you’re looking for in a new state.

    So here’s what you should know before moving to Oregon: (more…)

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  • What You Should Know Before Moving To San Diego

    15 December 2015 by

    When people think of moving to a fabulous new city in the United States, San Diego does not often come to mind. You probably fantasize about New York or Los Angeles-slash-Hollywood for the hip-and-happening factor, Portland or Seattle for the indie scene, and San Francisco or Chicago for the depression-inducing weather.

    But you may want to consider Plymouth of the West (although you probably shouldn’t judge it based on its lackluster nicknames). It’s big but not too big (population: 1.38 million), has a pleasant climate all year long, is close to the U.S. Navy (I don’t know, that may be important to some people), and has a gazillion miles of beaches.

    So here’s what else you should know before moving to San Diego: (more…)

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  • Moving To Alaska: The Cautionary Guide

    10 December 2015 by

    With a population of just 736,732 for an entire state with a land area of  663,300 square miles (to put that into perspective, New York state is just 54,556 square miles but has a population of 19.75 million), you wouldn’t think that Alaska would be a good place to move to if you need to blend into the crowd. But considering that it is 2,290 miles from the closest American state (Washington), it’s actually the ideal location for going on the lam. I mean, who’s going to follow you?

    I know I say this for a lot of these “Moving To…” posts, but seriously, if you’re thinking of moving to Alaska, this is what you need to know: (more…)

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  • Moving To New Orleans? Here’s What You Need To Know

    5 December 2015 by
    moving to new orleans

    There are a lot of movies set in New Orleans, from the great—The Big Easy, Angel Heart, and Interview with the Vampire—to the less great—Mardi Gras Massacre, Abbott and Costello Go To Mars, and Live and Let Die. And that makes most people think that they have a pretty good idea about what New Orleans is like.

    But if you decide to relocate to NOLA on a wing and a prayer and a movie plot, you may find yourself wondering where the vampires are or why there’s no suspenseful eroticism with your own cop encounters. (more…)

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  • Chicago vs Los Angeles – Which Is Better?

    3 December 2015 by
    chicago vs los angeles

    It’s always hard comparing one city to another because they’re either extremely similar (terrible traffic – check! high cost of living – check! ample booze – check!) or so different it’s like comparing apples to iPads.

    When it comes to pitting Second City against the City of Angels, I must admit to being biased. After all, I’ve lived in LA for 15 years, so clearly I favor Chicago. Kidding. Every city is like your children—you love them all for different reasons. Except, of course, the ones that grow up to be crackheads or politicians.

    I’ll do my best to give you an impartial look at Chicago vs Los Angeles. (more…)

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  • Chicago vs New York

    26 November 2015 by
    chicago vs new york

    Chicago and New York are like two siblings who are always in competition with each other. Only instead of comparisons like “who’s the fastest runner?” or “who can burp the entire alphabet?”, these two cities compete over “who has the dirtiest dogs?” and “who has the cheapest booze?” (Los Angeles, of course, is that cool cousin that you get to visit in California every summer.)

    So if you’re wondering which city to move to, visit, move from, think about, speak of as if you’ve actually been there, or hide out from the law, these little tidbits of information just might come in handy. (more…)

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  • Charlotte vs Raleigh – Best City To Live In

    24 November 2015 by
    charlotte vs raleigh

    When it comes to North Carolina’s two largest cities, sibling rivalry is only natural. Those from Charlotte think that Raleigh is the pesky younger brother while those from Raleigh see Charlotte as the know-it-all older sib. So who’s right? Well, healthy parents would probably say that they loved both kids equally. But I’m not healthy parents. So I’m going to compare and contrast these two cities—right before I make a run for it when all the residents of these two cities come after me with sticks and stones.

    So here is my assessment of Charlotte vs Raleigh: (more…)

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  • How Big Is Houston Texas?

    19 November 2015 by
    how big is houston texas

    We’ve all played “my [fill in the blank] is bigger than yours” to appease our egos and win whatever childish pasttime is at stake. Maybe it’s for a trivia game, maybe you’re a closet gambler, maybe you’ll somehow save the world from impeding destruction, but if you need to know all sorts of interesting but little-known facts about Houston, then this blog post is for you.

    So, just how big is Houston Texas, you ask? (more…)

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