• Haff Ton Pawn Shop: Fact or Fiction?

    haff ton pawn shop

    If you haven’t watched television in the last five years, congratulations! Your brain cells are probably still intact. Also, if you haven’t watched a lot of TV then you might not have heard of Haff Ton Pawn Shop. But even for those who have, the question remains: is the Haff Ton Pawn Shop fact or fiction? (more…)

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  • Auction Hunters Cast: 4 Memorable Characters

    1 November 2015 by
    auction hunters cast

    Auction Hunters is a reality TV show about the exciting world of storage auctions—from bidding on abandoned units to appraising the loot to selling the goods—and the only thing that differentiates it from all the other reality shows about storage auctions is that it’s on Spike TV, not A&E. The stars of this show are Allen Lee Haff and Clinton “Ton” Jones, but there are other members of the cast whose names are not as well-known….until now.

    Here are the four most memorable characters of the Auction Hunters cast: (more…)

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  • 10 Things About Brandi Passante of Storage Wars I Bet You Didn’t Know

    Brandi Passante

    Unless you’re a fan of A&E’s popular reality TV show Storage Wars, you may not have heard of Brandi Passante. She is one of the stars—an auction bidder—and is considered the reasonable one on a show that takes pride in being loud, combative, and chaotic.

    So if you want to contribute to the water cooler conversation at work, try using these 10 things about Brandi Passante that I bet your office mates don’t know: (more…)

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  • Is Auction Hunters Fake or Bona Fide?

    auction hunters fake

    Auction Hunters is a popular reality television show from Spike TV about storage unit auctions. The series follows Allen Haff and Clinton Jones as they attend storage auctions, bid on various units, and then sell the (hopefully valuable) goods to antique and collectible stores. It’s similar to A&E’s Storage Wars reality TV show, starring Dan and Laura Dotson, and Dave Hester.

    Since Haff and Clinton find valuable treasures in every show—guns, arcade games, and gramophones in mint condition, but never any moldy mattresses, old clothes, or cassette tapes in crappy, unusable condition—and even with my limited knowledge of math I know that can’t possibly happen 100% of the time, it’s possible that the show is just edited to preserve the most exciting storage auctions for broadcast.

    So this begs the question: is Auction Hunters fake or bona fide? (more…)

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  • 3 Things About American Auctioneers I Bet You Didn’t Know

    american auctioneers

    Dan and Laura Dotson, the featured auctioneers on A&E’s infamous reality TV show Storage Wars, own the company American Auctioneers which specializes in self storage auctions. It may be hard to believe, but the Dotsons make a good living by auctioning off the junk from abandoned storage units. (more…)

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  • 3 Things About Laura Dotson You Probably Didn’t Know

    3 things you didn't know about laura dotson

    If you’ve been watching television anytime between 2010 and today, then you’ve surely heard of Storage Wars. It’s one of several reality TV shows about storage facility auctions that capitalizes on the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s junk.” Kidding. Treasure.

    If the rent on a storage unit is not paid for three months, California law says that the facility owner is allowed to sell the contents in an auction, in which the buyer must purchase the unit’s contents as a whole. Sometimes the buyer strikes gold, sometimes the buyer strikes crap.

    Laura Dotson, along with her husband Dan, run a business called American Auctioneers and is featured on the A&E show as an auctioneer. You hear a lot about Dan, and you certainly hear a lot about Dave Hester, but when it comes to Laura Dotson, here are 3 things you probably haven’t heard about her: (more…)

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  • Let’s Go Shopping at eBay’s Dave Hester Store

    Dave Hester store on eBay.

    Everybody loves a bargain. If you’re like me, you’ve looked at a garage sale item and instantaneously gone from “Oh, this is so cute…” to “This is worth serious dough. I’ll sell it on eBay!”

    Then something inside you triggers your Inner Negotiator. The item is marked $10 but you find yourself yelling, “I’ll give you three dollars! THREE DOLLARS!”

    Three dollars it is, and the garage sale host thanks you cordially and tells you to have a nice day, preferably somewhere else.


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  • Living in a Storage Unit: Alexander Ruggie’s Story

    Alexander Ruggie 1

    Storage units have been used for a multitude of things including being shelter for some who may not have many residential options.

    Alexander Ruggie, from 911 Restoration, tells us about the experience of living in a storage unit for a few months.

    “I did it for three months while I got financially ready to go back to film school. I did it mostly for the experience of living out of the storage unit, my car, at campsites, and the occasional friends house too,” says Ruggie.

    It’s important to clarify that no one can really live “in” storage units as there are policies about habitation that prohibit such uses, but Ruggie says you can live “out” of a storage unit– in a different way than how you live in a house. (more…)

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  • Storage TV Shows: Why So Popular?


    With all the different reality TV shows on the boob tube these days, there’s no longer a reason to pick up a book or take a stroll outdoors. And why would you when you can watch herds of men fight over one bachelorette, tone-deaf hopefuls sing for the chance to be idolized, or rich socialites do absolutely nothing?  (more…)

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  • The Reality Behind Abandoned Storage Unit Auctions

    abandoned storage unit auctions

    Have you watched the storage auction reality shows and wondered if they are truly depicting ‘reality’? Are there treasures locked behind those steel doors that could turn a bidder into a rich man? John Cordoza, owner of Storage Auction Experts has been in the business for over 30 years. He has seen a little bit of everything during those years.

    “It’s a gamble,” Cordoza admits. He auctioned off one unit in Vallejo, California to a high bid of $9,100. That’s a lot of money to gamble on a storage unit, but it paid off. An insurance appraisal of the total contents of art pieces, vintage comic books and a baseball card collection came in at 1.5 million dollars. (more…)

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