• Storing Your Guitar


    Guitars have evolved with humanity.

    With the earliest guitar form dating back to 2000 B.C., the guitar has been improved and perfected over time. Serving as the primary musical instrument in some of the world’s greatest hits during the last few centuries, guitars are deeply cherished by their owners.

    Whether you need to make some space in your home, want better protection for your guitar or you’re moving/traveling across the country and need to keep your instrument safe, most musicians find a need to store their guitar at one point or another. (more…)

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  • Storing Artwork

    two kids creating art for their parents to store permanently

    Whether you’re storing valuable canvases or children’s watercolors, all art should be treated with gentle care.

    When you’re moving, downsizing or just changing scenery, sometimes you end up storing artwork. People often store artwork that they plan to pull back out later, either to display it someplace new, give it away as a gift,  or sell it. Since individual items are sensitive to wear and tear in unique ways, proper procedures for storing each item should be carefully followed.

    So, how do you do that? (more…)

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  • Apartment Living: Why Do It?


    Sure. Apartments are typically smaller than houses, and you won’t usually get a private pool, jungle gym or yard, but they do have their benefits. And for those looking for a lower stress life, apartment living might just be the best choice.

    For starters, as Jaclyn Lambert with HireAHelper notes, the main benefit of apartment living is it simplifies the usual hassles that come with owning or living in a stand-alone house.

    “For example, apartments offer lower insurance costs, less work upfront and less maintenance ,” she said. (more…)

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  • The Hidden Costs of Moving

    11 June 2015 by
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    There’s no question-Moving is expensive.

    If it’s down the road, it may be cheaper than interstate. However, one can almost always count on investing at least a few hundred dollars. The American Moving and Storage Association estimates the average costs of intrastate moves reach more the $1,100 and interstate moves usually hit nearly $6,000.

    Payments are required for movers, cleaning, gas, transportation and more. But oftentimes, many of the costs associated with moving are unanticipated for individuals who aren’t frequent movers. (more…)

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  • How to Throw A Housewarming Party

    10 June 2015 by

    So you bought a new place? Congratulations! You’re embarking on an exciting new adventure. Chances are you friends and family are dying to see the 3D,life-size version of the Facebook and Instagram photos you posted online. And they’ve probably told you so.

    Time to give everyone that opportunity at once- A housewarming party! And why not celebrate a little after all the chaos?

    If you’re a party planner, this will be a blast for you. If you’re not, it might seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve got a few expert tips on how to throw an epic housewarming party. (more…)

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  • When Searching For An Apartment, Seasons Matter


    With rates varying by what sometimes seems like the hour, searching for an apartment can be a complex endeavor.

    There’s no one best time to rent. It primarily depends on what you are looking for. Do you want a wide range of choices or low costs and more negotiable issues?

    A rental broker with Flushinghomes.com, Martin Hess, said he can “attest to the fact that seasonality is a key factor when renting an apartment.” (more…)

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  • Keeping “Old-Fashioned” Books Safe for Future Generations


    “In the world of eBooks and iBooks, it’s easy to forget how to handle real books,” said Josh Nathan general education faculty at The Art Institute of Colorado.

    The world has gone digital and content that used to only be available on sheets of paper in a bound book you bought from the bookstore or borrowed from the library is now accessible through countless platforms.

    Yet even with technological advances, some readers still prefer the tangible nature of actually being able to hold a book in their hands.Who can blame them? It’s what we’ve done for centuries, and then there’s that comfort of knowing no technological glitch will make you lose access to the book or lose the place at which you were last reading. (more…)

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  • Hoarding: More Than a TV Show


    Hoarding may be a fascinating phenomenon that keeps us glued to the TV, but it can also be a very real and serious struggle.

    While reality TV shows like “Hoarders” publicize some of the worst of the worst hoarding cases, the individuals featured are not the only ones who affected by hoarding disorders.

    Melinda Massie, owner of Ft.Worth, Texas based Organization with a Side of Fabulous said she works with all levels of clutter, including rehabilitating hoarders. (more…)

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  • Proactivity in Organizing a Move


    Planning, packing, cleaning, making checklists, forwarding mail…The list of tasks involved in moving could go on and on. And it does!

    For some people, to say organizing a move is daunting might be an elaborate understatement.

    However, moving is a fact of life, and a new start at a new house or in a new city can be an exciting opportunity. So how do you get past the seemingly overwhelming nature of organizing a move and bask in the joys and excitement or starting something new? Long-time professional organizer Lauren Silverman has some suggestions for making the moving process as smooth and stress free as possible. (more…)

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  • Low Stress and High-Tech Packing


    For many, packing is a nightmare, and desire to avoid it influences some costly decisions, such as hiring expensive packing companies or choosing to stay at a not-so-great location.

    And while “I hate moving” is a frequently used phrase, in reality, most people don’t hate the moving so much. They hate the packing.

    Who can blame them? Hours and hours of stacking and reorganizing, trying to make sure nothing will break on the truck and attempting to create at least some kind of “system,” often with very little luck. Then there’s the task of actually moving in and finding the items you packed. It’s exhausting! (more…)

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