• Transform Your Attic

    Transform your attic

    The attic occupies a special place in folklore—a place that’s mysterious, full of secrets and unknown entities and, somehow, always dusty. What stories does your attic tell? Do you even know? Have you been up there to check out the treasures and potential that wait, just above where you spend your days and nights?

    Sure, there are lots of stories of ghosts, secrets and even flowers in the attic. But what if we were to set those aside and take a brand new approach? Imagine the possibilities of reclaiming your attic and using the space to add a new room to your home.


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  • Moving from a House to an Apartment: 7-Step Checklist

    Into an apartment.

    Call it “streamlining,” “downsizing” or even “voluntary simplicity”—no matter how you describe it, moving from a house to an apartment is not an easy feat. It takes a lot of planning and a sturdy tape measure. Perhaps most important, it requires imagination: the ability to see great things in small spaces.

    Even thinking about moving from a house to an apartment can be overwhelming. Unless you’re moving from a small house to a penthouse, you’ll have less space in your new environment. But small spaces don’t have to feel cramped or be cluttered. With the right planning, you can measure once and sell or store the rest. Here’s a handy checklist.


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  • Recessed Shelves: Your Key to Extra Space

    Recessed shelves.

    There’s more space in your home than you realize! Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, you can create additional space with recessed shelves or “inset shelves’’—even faux recessed shelves. If you love the concept of hidden treasures, then learning how to build recessed shelves will be like finding a treasure map to the gold that’s right there in your home.

    Let’s take a look at different types of recessed shelves and how to build recessed shelving. It’s probably a lot easier and less expensive than you could imagine.


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  • 10 Questions to Ask Your Self Storage Manager

    Self storage manager.

    Are you considering renting a storage unit? If so, you can tell your friends that you are “getting into America’s fastest-growing sector of real estate.” Well, actually your stuff will be in it, and most likely for a while. As you think about storage unit options, you’ll probably want to consider location, cost, and security.

    Whether you are a first-timer or an old-timer, asking a few questions when you meet or call the self storage manager is always a good idea. Here are the top ten questions to ask the guy (or gal) in the storage facility office.


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  • Choosing the Right Movers: Reclaiming Moving Day


    Every article I’ve read about moving goes on and on… it’s a chore, it’s a hassle, it’s stressful. Actually, I’ve even written a few of those myself.

    Let’s reclaim the process of moving. It doesn’t have to be stressful. It can be fun. Just close your eyes and picture this: a happy day, not a cloud in the sky. You wake up early and your best friend—who helped you pack the night before—brings you scones and a hot coffee. You’re wearing your favorite PJs and you slept with that eye pillow you rediscovered while you were packing.

    Life is good.

    And then the movers show up to your place. An hour late. There are four of them and they’re saying something about “hourly rates” and asking you to sign “the new version of the contract.”


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  • Dorm Life Hack: Simplify!

    The best part of dorm life: friendship.

    What’s the one thing every student brings to college? Big dreams. Giant, pie-in-sky, practically impossible dreams. In college, dreams are your North Star, leading you forward, challenging you to be your best, opening up new worlds…

    Luckily, dreams don’t take up a lot of space in the tiny room that will be your home once you get to (or get back to) college.

    As far as everything else you are thinking about bringing? Think twice. (more…)

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  • So, You’re Moving to Boston?

    Boston skyline at night.

    Lucky you! Boston is known as “the hub” for a reason: when you’re there, it can feel like you are at the center of the universe. Boston has it all: arts, culture, exquisite food, some of the best universities in the world, and the beloved—if sometimes beleaguered—Red Sox Nation.

    If you’re moving to Boston, here are some great tips and resources to help you find all the city has to offer.


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  • Let’s Go Shopping at eBay’s Dave Hester Store

    Dave Hester store on eBay.

    Everybody loves a bargain. If you’re like me, you’ve looked at a garage sale item and instantaneously gone from “Oh, this is so cute…” to “This is worth serious dough. I’ll sell it on eBay!”

    Then something inside you triggers your Inner Negotiator. The item is marked $10 but you find yourself yelling, “I’ll give you three dollars! THREE DOLLARS!”

    Three dollars it is, and the garage sale host thanks you cordially and tells you to have a nice day, preferably somewhere else.


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  • Trending: The Self Storage Office

    How to set up a self storage office.

    Launching your own business? There’s nothing quite like the excitement of drawing up your business plan, building your team, and finding a place to spend the days and nights ahead of you. As you dream about strategy sessions in the conference room and closed-door sessions in your corner office, you might be in for an abrupt awakening. Besides salaries, the largest expense for most new businesses is office space.

    Leasing an office costs a lot of money and, in almost any market, typically requires things that not all new businesses have: solid credit (if not the business’ credit, then yours), revenue commitments for the upcoming year, and enough money to keep the lights on. These days, bootstrapping startups are taking to a new model of business presence: the self storage office.


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  • TV Room Ideas for Small Spaces

    TV room ideas for small spaces.

    Are you moving into a dorm room? Studio apartment? Tiny house? Don’t worry—you won’t have to watch the evening news or latest Netflix release on your phone. You can make room for a TV. Where there’s a will (and cable) there’s a way. Even for the smallest of spaces, I’ve got input from the experts on great TV room ideas.

    Back in olden times—the nineties—television “sets” took up a lot of room. Most were larger from front to back than the width of their screens. They sat on a table, dresser, or TV stand, or were squeezed into early versions of the “entertainment center”—complete with space for your VCR and VHS tapes.

    Today’s TVs are sleek, flat, a little bit edgy, and fitting them into your décor can be effortless.


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