• Better Utilize the Space in High Traffic Areas of Your Home

    29 March 2015 by

    SSF_TrafficOften the problem with storage isn’t that you don’t have the space. It’s that space gets used up improperly and areas that could serve a purpose for storage get overrun by excess decorations and underutilized space.

    If you find that décor is robbing you of your natural storage space, replace and reuse the areas in your home better by introducing a few new elements into your high trafficked areas. (more…)

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  • How to Properly Store Baby Furniture and Clothes

    21 March 2015 by

    nurseryThere are a lot of reasons to hold on to your little ones’ possessions. Whether you want to save onesies for nostalgia’s sake or you are keeping a crib for baby number two, there’s a lot of value in those tiny trinkets.

    But like so many other valuables, you have to take certain precautions before stowing your baby’s belongings. Make sure your items stay safe and intact whether you are waiting a couple of years or you are waiting for decades. (more…)

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  • A Quick Tip for Storing 5 Common Items

    18 March 2015 by

    shutterstock_156280898Storing can be a complicated endeavor. Finding the right facility, picking the right unit size and then deciding what will go in takes some planning. Sometimes though, you just need a fast solution for storing your belongings.

    For common storage items, here are some quick tips for putting your possessions away safely and fast. (more…)

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  • How to Store Baseball Cards, Newspaper and Photos

    13 March 2015 by

    Some items being stored have more value than others. You may not worry how an old chair is holding up or how holiday decorations do while they are away for a year, but for items that hold sentimental and monetary value, you will want to take special care of these.

    Baseball cards, historically significant newspapers and treasured family photos usually hold major value from a personal and financial standpoint. The right card or a really poignant front-page headline can be worth thousands and photos of a late loved one is priceless. The problem is, these items are fragile and don’t usually have a place among day-to-day décor and convenient storage spaces.

    Often these pieces of memorabilia find a home in attics, closets and storage units. While these are perfectly acceptable spaces to stow mementos, how you store them is crucial to ensuring that they will survive years of being tucked away. (more…)

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  • 4 Opportunities to Refresh Your Home for Spring

    11 March 2015 by

    Springtime isn’t just about cleaning the dusty corners of your home and ridding yourself of excess belongings. It should also be an opportunity to create a renewed atmosphere. Clean is a great start, but making your home feel fresh can bring an added layer of comfort.

    Once you’ve tackled the grime and clutter, take the opportunity to add brightness and warmth to your space with these simple, but impactful changes. (more…)

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  • Easy Eco-Friendly Approaches to Spring Cleaning

    8 March 2015 by

    There is no shortage of items to clean and home space to reorganize, but sometimes there is a better way to do things than “the old way.” A great change to make in your home is choosing an eco-friendly approach.

    Not only can this be better for the environment in a global sense, but it can also make your home safer and more hospitable for you and your family.

    Even if you aren’t ready to go completely green, a couple slight changes can help save you money, energy or space.

    Plan a few new initiatives that will get your home sparkly while using items that are “friendly.” (more…)

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  • Avoid Making Your Storage Unit a Permanent Home for Belongings

    7 March 2015 by

    Having a storage unit is a great way to make more space in your home and safely stow the belongings that don’t necessarily need to be out in the open on a day to day basis.

    There is a caveat to having this offsite area for your items though.

    “When you rented the space you probably intended to have a clear start and end date for storing your belongings, but for many people temporary storage can become permanent. Why not make a trip to the unit and investigate its deep, dark hidden spaces,” says Nancy Peham of Helping Hands Personal Services. (more…)

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  • 3 Ways to Launch into the Spring Cleaning Frenzy

    6 March 2015 by

    Snow may still be falling, but spring is near and that means it’s almost time to clear out the clutter. Over the cold months, you’ve likely buried yourself in belongings as the weather buried your home in snow.

    It’s natural to let your home become a little mismanaged while you are dodging ice roads and entertaining kids during snow days. But a new season calls for a renewed approach to spring cleaning. Start planning for a full take over (or take back) with these tips for launching into cleaning and reorganization. (more…)

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  • How Often Should You Reassess Your Stored Items?

    27 February 2015 by
    review laptop

    When you put your things into a storage unit or stuff boxes into the back of the closet a lot of time those items become “out of sight out of mind.” And while you may have stored valuables for a good reason, you may also be keeping unnecessary clutter in your storage spaces.

    To ensure you have plenty of room in your home and are keeping tabs on all of your valuables, create a schedule that will enable you to review, rotate and reduce your storage. (more…)

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  • Creating More Space with Less Square Footage

    25 February 2015 by

    SSF_SmallSpaceRegardless of how much square footage you have, it’s common to feel like you have more stuff than space. Over time, you can feel like you’re busting at the seams and that your belongings are taking up so much space that the only solution is to get a bigger place.

    Though a larger home can certainly help, it’s not always practical.

    Instead of shopping around for a new house, implement a few tactics that can help free up more area in every room. (more…)

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