What Can You Hide in a Self-Storage Unit?

Things You Can Hide in a Self-Storage Unit
What can hide in a self-storage unit, you ask? It’s a great question because the answer is: Lots of things!

The most obvious scenario for needing a big place to hide stuff is Christmas-time when you have little kids. Say you’ve got a giant dollhouse that you don’t want your 6-year-old girl to see. The perfect place to stash that princess castle is a self-storage unit!


Self storage isn’t just for huge toys either. Let’s say you’ve bought your 9-year-old son a drone for Christmas. Your self-storage unit is the perfect place to keep it a secret.


Even smaller items can be tucked away in a self-storage unit. Consider the situation where you’ve bought your fiancée a diamond engagement ring. And throw on to that the fact the she likes to poke around your place for things you may have hidden. She’ll never think to go over to your storage unit, and if you don’t give her a key to the storage unit, she couldn’t get in anyway. Now you can really surprise her at Christmas!


Even when it’s not Christmas, you can use your storage unit to hide all sorts of stuff. Birthday presents? Your storage unit is perfect for keeping a great gift under wraps.

Sensitive financial documents that don’t need to fall into the wrong hands? Why who would ever think to look in a storage unit for something like that. And, again, you’ve got it locked up anyhow, so no one is going to find your papers.


The mind runs wild at all the things that can be hidden in a storage unit. Just keep it legal!