How Big Is a 5X5 Self-Storage Unit?

Many of you are wondering, just how big is a 5X5 self-storage unit? Let’s show you …

You can fit 54,264 Apple iPhone X smartphones in a 5X5 self-storage unit (assuming the unit is 8 feet tall).


You could fit about 1,890 one-terabyte direct attach storage boxes would fit in a 5X5 unit (depending on which brand of storage box you’ve bought).

DAS box

You can fit 5.64 million marbles in it.


A 5X5 unit would hold about 90 hoverboards.


You can fit 116,736 Starbucks gift cards in one.


It would hold about 7,220 Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkeys.

baby monkey

You could fit 384 Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners in a 5X5 unit.


You can fit 80 Sony X800E 4K Ultra HD Smart TVs in it (seriously).

Sony TV

So, as you can see, you can fit a whole lot of just about anything in a 5X5 self-storage unit.